Cry Mutiny is a legendary heavy grenade launcher presented in the 18th season of Destiny 2. Over the past few seasons, the guards had a special seasonal weapon that can be used by increasing its reputation in three different organizations. This season is just a grenade launcher that shoots flaming cannon nuclei.

where to find Cry Mutiny in Destiny 2

Cry Mutiny can be obtained the achievement of the 16th rank in the games Vanguard, Milled or Gambit . Guardians can check their progress by visiting the commander of the blockage, Lord Sheiks or the wanderer in the tower.

Burial video Cry Mutiny

Adaptive frame *: well-rounded handle, reliable and durable.
unstable launch : significantly increases the radius of the explosion, slightly reducing the speed of circulation and the speed of the projectile.
Mini fragments : increases the size of the store and the reloading speed, reducing the radius of the explosion.
* (1 of 2) incandescent lamp : Victory over the target spreads a burn to others. Stronger fighters and warring guards cause a burn in a larger radius.

(2 of 2) Blind *: Murders from this weapon generate grenade energy. Activation of the ability of a grenade reloads this weapon from the reserve.
(1 of 2) Gloves : This weapon receives increased damage from hand-to-hand murders and murders with these weapons.
(2 out of 2) Were weapons : Increased damage on bosses, vehicles and guards with their super active.
(1 out of 3) The justification for the avant-garde *: The latest attacks by this weapon restore a small amount of health.
(2 of 3) One quiet moment : increases to reload speed outside the battle.
(3 of 3) Shoot and run : The rapid defeat of goals with this weapon gives an additional speed of running. Guardians, powerful fighters and valuable goals give this bonus faster.

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