That masterpiece is easier to play with many improvements! Tactics Ogreborn special program is released [TGS2022]

On September 18, Square Enix released a special program on the TRPG Tactics Ogre born scheduled to be released on November 11 (STEAM version is November 12).

In this program, which will be released in line with the current TGS202, the producer Hiroshi NATO, the guest, Hiroshi Saki, the composer, Took Mae no, the main character, and Quiche Nakamura, the role of Kan ops. It was broadcast, and a more detailed explanation was given to the remake battle design and game system.

This work Tactics Bourbon is a remake version of the TRPG Tactics Olga for SFC released in 1995, a high-resolution of graphics, a new UI, full voice compatible with cut scenes. The main content is to improve the expressive power on video surfaces and sounds such as BGM reconstruction and re-recording, and remake battle design such as character development and battle AI.


By changing the level management from class management to the management of each unit, more detailed development is possible, and each unit can be equipped with four consumables, magic and skills., A variety of combinations are possible, such as the equipment frame of 7 frames.

In addition, bonus tasks have been added in addition to the conventional victory conditions and defeat conditions in the battle scene, and you can obtain additional experience and items by achieving various conditions.

In addition, it has been improved to improve the ease of play in small parts, such as reducing the sloppy feeling by implementing double-speed functions that can be switched with one touch.

Looking at the original SFC RPG Tactics Yoga , this is the second remake following the remake version for PSP Tactics Olga Fate Ring , but it has already been a past work. It is a work that makes it easier to play for fans who have played out, and can enjoy the former excuses at a higher resolution.

Tactics Bourbon will be released on November 11 (Steam version is November 12).

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