How to get worms in the Drimlinet Valley

According to Maui, there is nothing tastier than the coconut grown from eel. To help return coconuts to the island in Disney Dream light Valley, you will need to find worms that you and Maui can use as a bait for catching acne.


where to find worms in Disney Dream light Valley

Before you start hunting for worms, you should know that the worms will appear only when the quest with Maui is active . They will not appear outside the quest.

As soon as you reach the second level of friendship with Maui, he will ask you to help catch acne to grow coconuts. The demigod needs at least three worms .

Maui claims that worms like to roam the lakes, so go to peaceful meadow, where the earth is full of worms. When you are on the lake, look at the Earth by the shore and follow the luminous spots. Use the shovel that you received at the beginning of the game, with other royal instruments to dig luminous spots, and you must quickly dig a few worms.

If you want to speed up the process, take with you a character that will help to dig out objects. There is a chance that this can double the number of worms you bring.

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