[Landscape] The Eleven set you saw in the game here? Portal PC room visit

From September 1 (Thu), Eternal Return’s Season 7 began with the subtitle ‘Neon’. The Season 7 ER Pass, which was first unveiled in the last 5th official broadcast, is the main theme of the future city, which is likely to appear in the movie, and the experiments in clothes covered with neon signs came in different forms.

In order to commemorate the launch of Season 7, which many users waited for, the Eternal return collaboration café was held in a PC room located in Sinnonhyeon Station in Gangnam. The ‘PORTAL’ PC room, which is held with the Eternal return, is a unique interior and spacious space that all visited the people who visited. Currently, there is also a café where you can eat the food that the experiments have eaten with on-site events.

It is ready for an Eleven set that can only be made in the game to Wilson Cookies that did not appear in the game. I went to Sinnonhyeon Station, which is close to Sinnonhyeon, but I went to myself on behalf of survivors who are hard to visit.


Once a day, visit the Portal PC room to stamp the attendance check coupon. If you complete the 1, 3, and 5 days attendance check, you will also be given prizes. The free drink coupon can be stamped per 10,000 won by showing a receipt after eating a food menu.

In addition, if you show the details purchased from the online store and the Portal PC room on the day, the purchase certification event, which randomly presents one of the four rental photo cards, is in progress.

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