Hanbitsoft Audition, the pre -festival starts ahead of the 7th anniversary

[ Moon Byung-soo] Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung-hyun) will start a pre-festival ahead of the 7th anniversary of its own service ‘Audition’.

The company will carry out the first event mode couple dance as part of the 7th Anniversary Preliminary Festival with all dancers before the inspection on the 15th to October 6th.

The user can enjoy the event mode by consuming the event ticket, and receives the event coin according to the couple of points and the clear number of clears during the mission success. With couple points, you can quickly increase your couple level to enjoy more benefits, and you can collect event coins to exchange them with various items such as experience firecrackers, exchange seats, and sunflower backpacks.

In addition, during the event, we will watch the couple dance play video provided by the audition homepage, click ‘Like’, and then pay 1,000 event caches to users who have certified in the homepage fashion gallery. The audition will provide additional nickname colored pencils (7 days) and 77 more doubled items, depending on the number of videos.

Hanbitsoft said, We have prepared a preliminary festival to create a festival with users ahead of the audition’s birthday. I will reward you.

Audition, on the other hand, is a rhythm action game where you can enjoy dancing with your own character by manipulating the direction key displayed on the screen with exciting music and turning the rhythm ball to the mouse. The audition launched its first domestic service in 2004 and has been converted to Hanbitsoft’s own service since October 2015.

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