Fortnite: weekly agenda from September 12 to 18; Home Seon 4, Misiones.

In the third week of the month of September 2022 , which is comprising the days 12 to 18 of this month, we have varied content in Fortnite . In this news we collect what the news available in Fortnite Battle Royale during these seven days, such the new Missions , and the beginning of the Seon 4 . Let’s go there:

all week (September 12-18)

The event Mter Pride 2022 * remains active.
* Throughout the week there could be more Fortnite content that is suddenly launched and without prior notice by Epic Games.

Monday, September 12

The Wild Fire Week with fire * remains active.

Tuesday, September 13

The Wild Fire Week with fire ends and the Wild Week of Opportunities begins, which brings new missions that consist of spending our gold bars in different ways, and also brings prices of many services of the island such vending machines or functions of the characters.
Missions of Good vibes part 9 . They are the latest Missions of Fortnite History Seon 3.


Wednesday, September 14

The Wild Week of Rincón of Opportunities * remains active.

Thursday, September 15

The Wild Week of Rincón of Opportunities * remains active.

Friday, September 16

Somenew and not previously launched should reach the store with the daily change at 02: 00h CEST.
Wild Week of Rincón of Opportunities ** remains active.

Saturday, September 17

The Wild Week of Rincón de Opportunities ends .
Ends Fortnite seon 3 . There is no final event .

Sunday, September 18

Start Fortnite Seon 4: Paradise *. New content, new battle ps, new skins, new map, new missions and much more.

In our Fortnite guide we give you all the keys to the game, including but not limiting us to how to climb quickly or how to complete all missions. Don’t miss it!

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