The weapon and armor of the Iron Banner of Destiny 2 – Robbery season

The Iron Banner again appeared in Destiny 2, and the robbery season justifies its name with a large amount of production for young wolves. Here is a brief presentation of everything that Value Forge can offer this time.


Equipment of the Iron Banner in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder


* Iron Forerunner


Union demand * Stasis weapons
Bear roof Solar missile installation
wrinkled reproach arc rifle
The burden of the hero * empty submachine gun
razor blade sword of void
Border scream Sunny manual canon
Pledge of a forge * Sunny pulsed rifle
drawing kinetic shotgun
Thunder arching Sun machine gun
* Bond of the world Stasis weapons

The best weapon of the Iron Banner, which can be obtained in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

The following ratings are based on the weapon rating in PVP on Light. GG, Destiny Companion. He uses a five-star system.

drawing *-4.3
The burden of the hero -4.3
Border scream -4.3
Salary of a forge *-4.0
Bond of the world -3.8
Thunder Arching -3.5
wrinkled reproach *-3.2
razor blade -1.7
* Union demand -No data

Awards for the rank of Iron Banner in Destiny 2 in the season Black

* rank 2 -Powerful Ingram

rank 4 *-Pistol at the request of the Allies
rank 7 -Missile rocket launcher
10th place -Hand gun Frontier’s Cry
13th place *-combined rifle Sized Rebuke
16th place -Pistol-machine gun Ben the hero
Reset fraction -ascending fragment

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