The Last of Us Part 1: Alle Firefly

In this Firefly supporter guide to The Last of Us Part 1 you can find out:

  • How many Firefly supporters are in the Last of Us Part 1
  • Which trophy you get for the trailers
  • Where you can find all Firefly supporters in the Last of Us Part 1

The Firefly supporters in the Last of Us Part 1 are really well hidden. So that you can find the collectibles without any problems and a coveted trophy , we describe all locations in this guide.

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How many Firefly supporters are there in The Last of Us Part 1?

In The Last of Us Part 1 there are a total of 30 Firefly supporters **. Once you have completed the collectibles, the game with the gold trophy Search for the light will reward you. You can find all other freedomable successes in our trophy guide to The Last of Us Part 1.

The Last of Us: Find all Firefly supporters

the quarantine zone

Firefly supporter Section Location
000102 David Michael Vigil Behind the wall After you have found Joels backpack, you follow Tess in an abandoned restaurant. Outside, she asks for a ladder to get to the next building. Go to the room on the right of the staircase and pick up the trailer from the ground next to the mattresses.
000106 Ben Glueck Behind the wall On the way through the backyards, you squeeze through a crashed balcony. Then take a close look at the tree on the left and shoot the trailer from the branch.
000105 Philip Liu The cargo After the first meeting with Ellie you start in a courtyard. The trailer lies with the body next to the red newspaper machine.

the outskirts

Firefly supporter Section Location
000113 Joseph Lenz Center If you see the town hall in the distance, it continues on the right. Run up the steps, next to which the Goldstone Building is contacted. The trailer dangles on the first tree on the right.
? 0109 Michael Kiper Museum After you have just made it through the garage door and discovered the first workbench, you climb one floor over the broken floor. Slide along the windows and get the trailer off the table.
000214 Melinda Davidson The town hall Shortly before the town hall there is a Steiner pavilion in the water on the left. This is the trailer.
000178 Shiyao Jianang The town hall After visiting the town hall, you get into a flooded subway station. At the end of the swimming insert you can find a skeleton with an artifact on the platform on the left, on which Ellie is on. Go down the stairs on the left and dive. The trailer is on the shelf in the flooded chamber.

Bills City

Firefly supporter Section Location
000197 Hui Wang The forest There is a motorhome on the main street in Bill’s city. Climb the roof via the police car and collect the Firefly supporter.
000256 Alex Raymond Vincent Case slip If you have done everything in Bill’s shelter, the chewy loner leads you outside. There you will be dealing with a horde. After the fight you walk past the ambulance and grab the Firefly fan from the lantern at the motorhome.
000263 Peter Mrozik Cemetery After the cemetery you reach a neighborhood infected. Creep up to the green house. The trailer lies in the washroom on the washing machine.


Firefly supporter Section Location
000153 Kazden risk Alone and abandoned After the Hunter robbery and the military post you reach the Kingston Book Store. The trailer lies with the containers in the side street next to the building.
000232 Colby Reed Hotellobby After you have found the last-of-us comic (Guide) Akkretion, you return to Ellie. You reach the toilets via a destroyed staircase. The trailer lies in one of the women’s cabins.
000295 Lucas Rios Leave the city Together with your new friends Henry and Sam you leave the empty apartment and come through a toy business. Then you get into a fire fight, climb over a truck to Henry and have to get around with Hunger again. It continues in a building. Before you walk through the first door, get the trailer out of the toilets.

The suburbs

Firefly supporter Section Location
000127 Josh Sheffler Canalization The trailer is located in the freight room of the blue shipwreck on the beach.
000219 Robert Righetti Canalization After the first meters in the sewage system, you can see a shaft on the right that leads to the trailer.
000158 Eddie Fuentes Canalization If you have reached the gate with Henry and Sam, which cannot be opened over the big wheel, you have to dive. Go down next to the car wreck and mountain the trailer.
000118 Matthew White Vorstadt On the street you reach a broken wooden fence in the left curve. There is a tree between the children’s houses, on the branch of which the trailer dangles.

Tommys dam

Firefly supporter Section Location
000194 Ryan Oliverio Hydroelectric dam After reunification with Tommy, he shows you the camp and you will be attacked by Hunger. During the confrontation you reach a hall with turbines. On the right side, a door leads into a small machine room. There you will find the trailer.
000317 Brent Pino Farmhaus If you have put the Hunter attack back, Ellie turns out of the dust in a video sequence and she follows her on an abandoned farm. The trailer is on a sideboard in the back of the living room to the rear.

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The University

Firefly supporter Section Location
000318 Hope Pino Let’s go, Big Horns While you ride comfortably across the university’s courtyard, Ellie sees a huge big horn banner. Shortly afterwards it continues over a large staircase. Then turn right and shoot the trailer from one of the trees.
000260 Alex Rohner Let’s go, Big Horns On the campus you have to bring electricity to a generator again and will be surprised by infected people. If the generator has juice again, rides a staircase over the courtyard and left. In front of the barricade descends and runs right to the garbage container. Climb into the window and collect the trailer from the desk at the window.
000310 Joe Warren Let’s go, Big Horns After the student dormitory you reach the basement. Clicker and a bloat hike in the spore-contaminated area. You have to do the latter to get to the trailer.

000111 Eric Griggs | Let’s go, Big Horns | Once you have fought yourself up, cross an inner courtyard and throw in a generator. Then you ride over a barricade. There are some tents in front of the entrance to the laboratory. The Firefly supporter lies in the back tent.
000231 Sadie Pearle Hickman | Research tract | On the way through the research tract, you can reach Labor 104 by also lying the Last-of-USArtFakt (Guide) recording device from the laboratory. At the workplace in front of the door, the trailer is located on the shelf above one of the microscopes.

holiday resort am See


Firefly supporter Section Location
000283 Travis Kristof The hunt During the hunt you take over the control of Ellie. Together with David, you have to flee from infected. In an abandoned industrial hall, David helps you on a platform so that you can reach a ladder. Once at the top, you follow the jetty until you come to a small camp. The trailer lies on the wooden box next to the entrance.
000153 Paul D. Braun The hunt After the chase, Ellie loses her horse. Run into the hut and jump out of the right window. The Firefly supporter is located in the wooden pavilion.

Bus depot

Firefly supporter Section Location
000149 Katarina Perich Autobahn exit You will reach a descent in which a yellow school bus is. Next to it is a white station wagon. Go to the passenger side and pick up the trailer.
000201 Nicole Hoo Autobahn exit At the end of the section you can reach an area with first aid tents. In front of a small, green tent stands a floodlight spotlight on which the trailer hangs.
000202 Natalie Hoo Underground tunnel There is a bus in the entrance area of the tunnel. The trailer lies on the driver’s side.

The Firefly Laboratory

Firefly supporter Section Location
000304 Bryony Stewart-Seume The hospital On the way to Ellie you will meet some Fireflys. In the quarantine zone in West Wing you will reach a waiting area. You come to the stairwell via the exit. Once at the top, you open the locked door behind the counter with the knife. In the room behind it you will find the last supporter of the game.

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