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was that truly lengthy earlier?

We utilized our anniversary to just make a massive unique a GamePro Test itself and place it on the cover. Yes, we celebrate ourselves. This is usually not our kind, but should be enabled for the 20th wedding anniversary. In addition to a review of 20 years in the game sector, write-ups of former as well as present editorial participants await you. As an example, GamePro Test creator Gunnar Lott explains the unstable beginnings of the brand, and also Benny has additionally rummaged with over 200 editions to find the ideal and worst games with each other. As well as in addition to that there is also a chic double-sided poster with all GamePro Test-coverers on the one hand and a trendy concept for Weapon Grave G.O.R.E. on the various other hand. You only have to think of the birthday cake, due to the fact that as high as we have actually battled, there was no sensible method to include a cake to each booklet.

As is popular, dead life. A fine example of this is Dead Island 2 , which was remarkably presented in gamescom after a multi-year odysse through a number of developer workshops and in the meantime total radio silence. Of program we looked at the zombie phenomenon as well as inform you in the preview write-up whether the long wait could still settle. Constantly presumed, certainly, the ultra-blunt splatter orgies can do it via the USK’s age test!

Get me! two decades It has been considering that I relocated from the serene little cowkaff near Frankfurt to Munich to deal with a new game magazine. Point of view: Allow’s see if what will certainly be! At that time nobody would have dreamed that GamePro Test would be still dynamic after 20 years-even if the priorities have actually changed a little bit. It has currently come to be an effective main emphasis if the web site was more of a byproduct at the time. That does not suggest that the print GamePro Test belongs to the waste paper. We still work with the present subjects of the game world monthly as well as provide fascinating specials as well as reports in the magazine component.

Dead Island 2

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may that?

In September Ubisoft intends to turn off the servers of a number of video games and take the opportunity to play in the multiplayer. The purchase as well as download of DLCs as well as possibly the purchase or even begin of the particular game itself are restricted. In our report, with each other with an expert, we light up the legal scenario and address the question: Can Ubisoft?

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Saints Row, as Dusk Falls, Thymesia as well as more

In the test area as Sundown Falls for you. The criminal offense thriller excites with a fantastic tale that is currently one of the best of this game year.


As typical, it wasn’t all that awaits you in the brand-new game. In the huge test we feel Saints Row on the rebooted tooth as well as clarify whether less madness suggests much more fun.

And ultimately we also have the test for thymesia available. The action parlor game changes in the traces of Bloodborne-OB that can likewise complete the big footprints.

additionally in the brand-new concern

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  • Preview: Tactics Ogre Reborn
  • Preview: a plague tale: Requiem
  • Sneak peek: The Invincible
  • Test: Cult of the Lamb
  • Test: Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels
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20 Years It has actually been considering that I moved from the serene little cowkaff near Frankfurt to Munich to work on a brand-new game publication. We used our anniversary to just make a massive unique a GamePro Test itself as well as place it on the cover. GamePro Test owner Gunnar Lott defines the unstable starts of the brand, as well as Benny has additionally rummaged with over 200 editions to discover the finest as well as worst games together. An excellent instance of this is Dead Island 2 , which was remarkably offered in gamescom after a multi-year odysse through several programmer workshops as well as in the meanwhile full radio silence. In September Ubisoft desires to switch over off the servers of several games and also take the possibility to play in the multiplayer.

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