If you want to optimize Multiversus as much as possible, we will provide you with this leadership. In this leadership, we have listed all the best settings in Multiversus, which will help you increase FPS and optimize control elements and user interface to get the maximum competitive advantage over your opponents.

Best Multiversus settings

Below we have listed each setting that you can add to the Multiversus settings to optimize the game.

Elements of Management

Starting from the Management category in the Settings menu, there is one key parameter that you can change to instantly improve your game process Multiversus.

If you have already played games such as Super Smash Bros. And for the first time you try Multiversus, it is likely that the controller settings in Multiversus will seem very unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

This is due to the fact that the default controller settings in Multiversus are completely different from the controls that you are used to if you play at Super Smash Bros.

However, in order to solve this problem, all you need to do is choose the pre-installation of the obsolete input, which can be found in the upper part of the controller settings list. Legacy Input Present will change all your controller settings by making them an exact copy of the default controller settings at Super Smash Bros.

Substructures of graphics

Graphic settings are always the most important settings in any game. If you want to squeeze the maximum possible FPS from Multiversus, copy the graphics settings indicated below.


  • Window mode: full-screen
  • Screen resolution: own permission of the monitor
  • Resolution scale: Best quality
  • Vertical synchronization: off.
  • Stream delay by one frame: off.

Visual effects

  • Occlusal of the character: Off.
  • Predanations of quality: User

* Smoothing quality: low
* The quality of the textures: average
* Quality of visual effects: average
* The quality of the shadows: very low

These Multiversus graphics settings will provide you with the best balance between visual effects and performance.

If you have a weak computer and you are still trying to get a decent frequency of personnel, you can reduce the scale of resolution. This will give you the greatest improvement in FPS.


The second category in the list Settings-Interface. In this category, you can change the position of the intra-game HUD (scoreboard), turn on the contours and change the color of the characters.

The most ideal position for HUD is at the bottom of the screen. This will give you maximum visibility. The remaining options depend on your personal preferences.


In the lower part of the Settings list there is a category online/legal information. Go to this category and click the list next to the preferred server region. From the list, select the region from which you play.

This guarantees that every time you connect to the match, the server is always in the region from which you play. This means that you will always have a low delay and input delay.

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