Gravity, the new SRPG Ragnarok Arena domestic CBT ends

Gravity (CEO Park Hyun-chul) announced on the 26th that it has successfully completed the domestic private test (CBT) of Ragnarok Arena.

Ragnarok Arena is the second title of Ragnarok’s 20th Anniversary Trilogy and is a mobile strategy simulation game (SRPG). Ragnarok characters can grow and change their jobs, collect monsters, strategically deploy camps, and characters and monsters fight together. In addition to the growth of the basic character, elements such as monster grade, Sangseong and placement determine the win or loss of the battle.

The company explained that many users participated in the private test (CBT), which was conducted for seven days for domestic users from 19th to 25th of this month. In addition, ‘compared to other SRPGs in that it is necessary to consider both character growth and monster placement,’ ‘There is a lot of fresh content’, ‘It has a lot of fresh content,’ I’m looking forward to it. ‘

Sun Sang-woong Ragnarok Arena Sun Sang-woong project manager (PM) said, We were able to finish successfully with many users participating in the Ragnarok Arena domestic CBT for a week. I will launch it with a high level of perfection.


Gravity has been reserving Ragnarok Arena on the pre-booking page and the two markets since the 3rd.

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