GamesCom 2022 Chronicles: Day 1/3 -WAS?! Keine maske?!

Here it goes. Meikäläinen’s first German trip throughout the ages.

At Sweden Airport, the journey continues soon by SAS’s airplane.

The alarm clock rings on Wednesday morning 24.8. at 3:30. The intermittent sleep was about four hours behind, but still the man was somehow full of enthusiasm. The reason was that it was time to go on a Gamescom trip! The bag was packed the day before, so I skied through the shower and cleaning into the car. The cohabitant was the driver, so this is where thanks to Hensu for waking up. We headed towards Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, which was supposed to meet Itkonen Jonatkin around 4:45.

We went through a security check in about a quarter of a quarterback, as as smart boys we did check-in in advance. So we were waiting for a machine in a very good time, which only started to start a quarter of Stockholm. On the other hand, it didn’t hurt, because in the morning it was good to keep up with the trip. When we got to Sweden, we were a little waiting for the next departure, as the journey continued after eight local time towards Düsseldorf.

When we arrived, we noticed how difficult the German train traffic is. Information was poorly available in English, but we got on the right train towards Cologne. Immediately after sitting on the train, there were exciting places: the villain started German to meal me for the lack of a mask. It turned out that German public is still on the mask, so you understand the anger. However, he was fluttering when he noticed that I was a tourist and even handed one mask in his bag to me when I apologized for my stupidity. So the tone changed rapidly, humanity won and Konnari also wished a good day.

The Airbnb apartment block was also easily found and the homeowner answered the phone regularly. A short story was held with the Lord, after which he went on a tent trip. After moderate rest, shoes to the foot and go. However, when I left, I was wondering with the lower door lock and I would guarantee that I had not encountered one of the past. After googling, we found a whole Topic in the practicality of German locks, so we weren’t the only ones that were difficult with them.

Virgin and Koelnmesse.

So through difficulties, out of the apartment. We headed to the wheelchair, which was fortunately quite easy to do: we could get one stop with tactics to the fair area. The test fair complex was then quite shockingly in size. When I got inside, he felt like he was like a little boy in the candy shop, because he would just be able to test the whole fair. However, it probably wouldn’t have been enough for even a week, then a couple of days. At this point, it is good to remind us that all of our test sessions were agreed to the business side, with significantly less people than on the public side. However, the halls had quite enough size, and even the business side was divided into several halls, so there was quite a lot of walking during the day. Fortunately, we didn’t really get stuck in the crowds at any time and good, otherwise I should have had half more time for the transitions.

First we headed towards the stall of the Xbox, which we found very easily. Joonatan had the first test session there, so I went to see the premises a little. Later at 4:00 pm local time was a presentation by Bandai Namco, which ended with both a few upcoming titles. Next, a little thought about them.

One Piece Odyssey

One Piece probably doesn’t need any presentations. For those who look at anime, the series is likely to have been familiar with years ago, but in the games, the titles have been of very varied quality and mainly based on stumps. Now, however, fans are getting something new, as one Piece Odyssey is the first full-blooded role-playing game based on the anime series. The test session played on the player lasted about half an hour, during which it turned out that Bandai Namco’s Tuut was becoming a very promising shift-based role-playing game. The battle seemed meaningful and the graphic appearance was very similar to the dragon Quest XI, which is just a positive thing. The release date was not unfortunate yet, but the work is expected to be published during 2022 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC.

Monkey D. Luffy, alias rubber, rubs his knuckles.

Park Beyond

Then it was time to testrollercoaster Tycoon_ in the spirit of park beyondia. The game aims to make the most impossible amusement parks as possible to the player’s field, where gravity is of little importance. The title was tested for about a quarter, so I didn’t have time to work at that time. However, park Beyond Let’s start from zero. You have recently started an architectural visionary in the company, and the company is not doing well. Your job is to bring the park from the swamp and create devices that could not be implemented in real life. Indeed, the keyword invented by the advertisers was impossify, which would probably turn into Finnish impossible. Creativity is encouraged at every turn, and in a story-driven campaign space, you can lead the park and carry out their amusement park fantasies.

The tirenör tells about his visions.

Park Beyond has a lot of potential, but the alarm fair room and hurry were not the best environment for learning the game. There was only a PC version to be tested and I couldn’t get to you with your controls, so with fluency, I had question marks in the air. On the other hand, I have to remember that I am not a very trained PC player, so the problem may have been in the user.

Park Beyond is due to be released during 2023 in addition to the PC for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

The amusement park in the picture is not my handwriting.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle r

This series also seems to have a loyal and big supporter. However, as a dumpling, I did not get into mechanics at all during a short test session, so it is appropriate to assume that Jojo’s bizarre skiing requires training and dedication. However, you don’t have to wait long for this store shelves, as the title arrives for players, Xboxes, PC and Switch on September 2.

This work should have been significantly more.

PAC-Man World Re-Pac

The first PlayStation, once seen, Pac-Man World arrived in stores on August 26, but I was able to briefly test the title at the fair. This is about to become an estimate from us a little later, but I still wanted to try this to have some idea of the level. After calculating the controller, I was relieved because the Demo had a very comfortable warming up with the demo. The title seems to be a successful face lift while reaching the atmosphere of the original game. The work is available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC and Switch at a budget price, or about $ 40 price tag.

Pac-Man has ended up in the pirate by the pirate ship.

Then there were no other test sessions for Wednesday!

the rest of the day’s bullshit

After the duties, I went to disturb at the Polish Blooper Team booth, but they were only involved in the business side, so there were no new games on display. I also asked the PR person about the upcoming Silent Hill (rumor that has been on the web for over two years). He said in a twinkle he had heard the same rumor himself, but very soon it became clear that there was no one coming. At the end of the warm conversation, I received two Bloobeer beers as a gift, so I had a good mood for the Polish studio.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any closer to the Cologne Cathedral, so here’s a picture of Mauritiuskirche.

At the end of the day, we woke up to the fact that we really only saw a fraction of the fair area. For example, the huge retro section missed completely. However, the day was not quite in the stick yet, as we headed closer to the center at 8 pm to the sains Row party, where we received an invitation from the plaque representative at the center of the center at 8pm. The money had been praised for commendable, as food and drink were abundantly available. However, we only enjoyed about an hour in Kemu, because there were a lot of people and the noise was unconscious, so there would have been nothing about the chat. However, you still have to give good points for the burger dose, which was perfect. The kitchen staff was also friendly and even in English, as food inquiries were treated with good understanding.

Saint’s Row cheeses were crowded and noisy, but also good food and drink!

Then the last heaven was ahead. When we got to the cabin, both of them were immediately seduced, even though the clock was not more than half a dozen. However, the day had been so long and hot that the sleep tasted, though not without one kölsch beer (a real drink of the gods). The next day, the alarm clock wakes up at 8 am hole hole, so here’s a good time to sleep.

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