Meta bus bubble is missing, it should be approached with a social safety net

[Korean Game Park Ye-jin reporter] It has been argued that the system should be maintained in digital platforms using new technologies such as Metabus, replacement-induced token (NFT), and blockchain.

The collapse of the Meta Bus Bubble will provide new opportunities, and for this, we must first reduce the current policy confusion.


On the 26th, the Korean Game Society (hereinafter referred to as the Dean of the Game Society, the Dean of the President of Chung-Ang University) and the Economic Justice Citizens’ Union (hereinafter referred to as Kyung Sil-ryun, co-representative Ryu Joong-seok, Chung-Ang University) is co-hosted by Lee In-young and Roh Woong-rae. The discussion was conducted on the theme of Methus, NFT, Blockchain and Digital Platform.

Attention to the Korea Game Science Association (Dean of Da Vinci University), the chairman of the Korea Game Science University, pointed out that legal institutional maintenance is essential to prepare for the second stage of the metavus industry. The current cryptocurrency, NFT, and methuses are turning off after the first stage, but in the past, the bubble collapse does not mean industrial extinction, and it is time to incorporate the system. These bubble collapse will provide new opportunities not only for new entrants but also to existing companies, he said.

The chairman of the Society emphasized that the institutional maintenance can reduce the confusion and protect users. The representative reason for the fall of the interest of Metabus from the company’s point of view is that the revenue model (BM) is weak, and the profit structure of the metavus, which has not been incorporated with the real business due to institutional limitations and confusion, is not competitive.

He also mentioned that the Luna and Terra value of the value of the Luna and Terra value should be approached from a social safety net point of view of P2E and methus to protect users in the future. The chairman of the Society said, (P2E, etc.), such as the controversy and disconnection of the game’s probability-type item and disconnected, it should be clearly organized from the perspective of a safety net rather than a deregulation point of view. It may be because it may be.

Experts who participated on the day pointed out that they should actively accept blockchain technology by incorporating institutional rights, but also protect users. Netcube, CEO of Netcube, said, The game industry will actively accept blockchain technology to improve probability operation and opacity. Blockchain can increase trust by using it to improve governance.

Bang Hyo-chang, chairman of the information and communication committee, said, In addition to the start-up ecosystem, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship, we will be able to develop as a future digital platform.

In the debate, the government concluded that the government should be actively confused and reduced confusion. The Department of Digital Contents, Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication, said that the definition of the game is realized and the criteria for distinction from methus games are needed.

The stock manager said, Because the definitions of the game industrial laws are too comprehensive, the legal revision reflecting the reality is needed, and the definition of virtual assets is the same.

Meta bus is a ‘non-game’ with some game elements, and if the game and non-game materials are mixed, the Minister of Commerce and Industry is now designating an exception. I know that it has never been implemented, and I think that it is necessary to present a clear message to companies preparing for the methus business by notifying the classification criteria through the designation of the exception.

Representative Lee In-young, who hosted the seminar on the day, said, It is a metabus budget that I urgently reflected last year. Said.

Meanwhile, the Korean Game Society and Gyeongsil Union signed a business agreement (MOU) with the aim of creating a fair game ecosystem, the sound development of the Korean game industry, and the protection of game users.

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