Hit 2, which is visible spicy BM, will the operation experiment succeed?

[game Park Ye-jin reporter] ‘Hit 2’, which was expected to be the first work of Nexon Games, is showing a powerful billing model of MMORPG. As Nexon previously announced a unique user-friendly operation method through Hit 2, it is noteworthy that it will be able to succeed in differentiation in the future.

The new hit 2 of Nexon’s subsidiary Nexon Games, which was released on the 25th, is the sequel to Nexon’s popular intellectual property rights (IP).

If you look at the billing structure (BM) of the hit 2, the box office formula of a typical large-scale multi-function role game (MMORPG) called ‘Lineage Like’ such as class transformation, pet drawing, cache accessories, skills and equipment reinforcement structures, and internal exchanges. It reflects faithfully.

The probability of drawing is also not comparable to the general MMORPG. According to the probability disclosure of the Nexon homepage, the character class probability that can be selected as a summons ticket is 0.15%for ‘Hero’, which is the upper grade of the general, advanced, rare, heroes, ancient and ancient times, and ‘ancient’ grade 0.01494%. It is degree. In the case of the legendary grade, a certain class and pet can be collected and a 20%chance of being synthesized can be obtained. The same is true of the ‘pet’ probability that has the biggest impact on the game balance with the class.

The typical probability-type BM of MMORPG has a strong sales structure to the game company by inducing competition among users, but in the long run, it can cause the winner-reading structure, alienate the small and medium-sized billing users, and make it difficult to inflow new. Receive.

In particular, I was interested in the billing model of Hit 2 because it was expected that Hit 2 would be different from the existing game. Nexon predicted that the user-centered operating system will be established through an experimental operation method that is not found in existing MMORPGs such as creator sponsorship systems, voting systems, and character futures.

The creator sponsorship system is an attempt to foster influencer marketing into the game by automatically earning some of the amount of money when purchasing in-game products. The recruitment of the creator team has been applied for more than 250 participants for five days, of which 194 have been registered with the minimum standard. In addition, the ‘character gift’ function, which does not go through account transactions, and the ‘altar of the coordinator’, which set each server rules through user voting, were also attracting attention.

Regarding the billing model, the development team emphasized ‘good billing’ through director commentary. The development team said, We will work hard to manage non-billing users. We will achieve a virtuous cycle of purchasing ingredients for non-billing users who want to grow rapidly.

However, it is still worth watching that the game can grow through the early release and continuous updates and new operating methods. The early grades are also smooth. According to the mobile index on the 28th, Hit 2 has entered the sixth place in the Google Play Store based on the sales ranking.

Nexon is in a position to focus more on user communication by trying to operate. An official of Nexon said, As the service progresses, the pattern may change, and we will continue to operate while converging feedback. On the first day of launch, the developers announced the improvement measures for the user’s opinion received on the day through the ‘developer’s letter’ and reflected the next day.

Meanwhile, Hit 2 is about to update until November. According to the company, Hit 2 plans to add content such as character gifts as the first update in late September, and will showcase World Server Contents and Server Contents in late November.

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