Exciting revenge success, Zenji 2022 LCK Summer Finals

Zenji succeeded in revenge. On the 28th, he won three-to-0 wins against the T1, who lost to the previous season in the 2022 League of Legends Championship (LCK) Summer Finals held at Gangneung Arena, Gangwon-do, for the first time since the team was founded.

The finals were held in Gangneung, but many fans gathered. As many fans gathered at the same time as the ticket was delayed, the position was delayed, and this was delayed by about 20 minutes.

The opening ceremony was held using various 3D mappings on the white floor, utilizing the characteristics of the short track stadium. Champions in the game appeared as AR, and players appeared with the introduction of Jeon Yong-jun caster.


In addition, the broadcast accident occurred due to sound transmission problems, and the first match began at 3:40 pm, one hour 40 minutes later than scheduled. T1, who chose one set blue side as a coinos, made a combination with a lot of initiation means, after vaning Yumi, choosing Sibir. Zenji, on the other hand, has formed a solid combination that is good to pick and accept Jerry. The game flowed to Vanpic. The T1 knocked on Zenji all the time, and Zenji was balanced by taking it in Hanta.

In the meantime, Jerry of Park Jae-hyuk, Ruler, was toxic, boasting a tremendous explosive power without Yumi. It grew up by sweeping the kills in every other hit in front of the main object. The T1 tried to take advantage of the union by forcibly holding a battle even in disadvantages. However, Zenji’s weight, with Jerry’s dealing and Sejuana and Atrox’s rigidity, was amazing. Eventually, until the end, Zenji received the T1’s initiation of Initia, and one set returned to Zenji’s victory.

Defeated in the first set, the T1 once again picked the Blue Side in the second set. The T1 picked up Yumi-Jerry to foretell revenge, and Zenji hit the counter with a combination of Nila-Sindid. The game flowed from the beginning of Zenji from the beginning with the performance of Shinjid’s three-level midgang and Shinjid. T1 moved to earn time, but Zenji continued to operate delicately without mistakes. The T1, which was consistent all the time, lost the game in the early 20th minute in Hanta, which was held in front of Baron.

In the three sets at the end of the cliff, the T1 chose the red side. T1, who gave Zenji and Jerry, took out Sibir, Lulu, Ari and Bai, and Hidden Card Modecaiser. Zenji stabbed the top Renekton in the mid-Azir, and the jungle Shinjao.

The main point of watching in three sets was at the tower. T1 by digging the tower continuously, trying to dry the opponent’s Renekton. Renekton was hit by the first gang, but in the next gang, he called Shinjao and received it, and he also caught Modecaiser through cooperation with Shin Zhao. In other lines, Zenji occupied a little advantage.

Afterwards, the tension continued, and Zenji won the first formal hit in front of the third dragon. The T1 also did not bite here, but secretly hunted the Baron and returned to the samurai and made no gold difference until 26 minutes. However, Zenji won one more flame and then won the championship cup.

T1 persistently endured. Always minimized damage even in bad situations. However, at the decisive moment of Baron, the Modecaiser of ‘Zeus’ Choi was caught and Zenji went on hunting for Baron. The T1 tried to stop it in the thirteenth, but Baron gave Baron and defeated Hanta. Zenji assaulted the Nexus and finished the game.

The T1 proved how they came up to this point, with the exception of the two sets, all of them were faithfully fulfilled their ancestors and operations. However, in terms of operation, it was a little short of Zenji’s weight. Blue Side, which is considered to be advantageous in Vanpic, was dried by Zenji’s breath, and Red Side heard a Jokerpic called Modecaiser, but eventually was blocked by his opponent’s Renekton and Sinjao, Jerry-Yumi.

Zenji, on the other hand, showed the performance of the fans of ‘winning timelyness’ and ‘genius Ilwoo’. ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk showed a different explosive deal in any pick, and ‘Peanut’ Han Wang-ho was the commander of the team, who always showed a meaningful movement and movement in Hanta. ‘Rihenz’ Son Si-woo has a unique presence, ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon’s opposite to Spring, and ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon has attacked the enemy with the ability to press the best midliner downline.

As a result, Zenji trembled the nightmare of the runner-up surrounding them and finally took the top. This is the first time since the introduction of the franchise, and it is the first championship trophy that was lifted from Samsung Galaxy to Zenji. ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon, ‘Li Henz’ Son Si-woo, and ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon have been engraved on their names for the first time since many runner-up, and ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk also experienced the first LCK. It was a valuable victory for all team members.

In fact, in the championship Ceremony, ‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk and ‘Rihenz’ Son Si-woo shed hot tears. ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon and ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon did not leave the smile all the time. Ko Dong-bin, a score, who was another icon of the runner-up, was prepared to calmly prepare for the Rolled Cup.

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