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Since Destiny 2 was released in 2017, a shooter with looters has undergone many cosmetic changes over the years. In the process of developing, Bungie separated from Activision, became free, preserved old content and remade classic raids-all this serves as a developer and the intra-game narrative. In the current state of the game, Bungie has adopted a seasonal model, which was implemented by many games with a living service to ensure frequent deployment of content, while each new season improves mechanics, functions and the plot line of the game.

year First: Fate 2

Red War

Fate 2 __ exploded on stage in 2017 with the Red War, the first campaign in which every guard fought for survival against Gul, commander of the Red Legion of Kabal. Red War introduced new patrolling zones, such as titanium, Ness and Io, as well as the first raid in the game, Leviathan. Although this content ultimately has become free for all players, since then, Bungie has been storing all Red War content, starting with the expansion of Beond Light. There is always a chance that Red War will return later in the form of remixes.

cursing Osiris

The first DLC for Destiny 2 was released in December 2017, shortly after the end of the Red War. The curse of Osiris presented the patrol zone Mercury along with the new plot campaign, consisting of eight plot missions, in which the guards are opposed to the vehicles and the relations between Osiris and hiccups of Rei are developing. Since then, Bungie has been keeping the entire Curse of Osiris content, starting with the expansion of Beyond Light, with the ability to return in the form of remix later.

Warm Reason

A few months after the curse of Osiris in May 2018, the Military Reason expanded. This plot DLC was focused on an attempt by Anastasia Brey to reunite with the military mind of Rasputin to defeat the god of the Cools of Ksola, the will of thousands. Warmind, although in general it does not contain a large amount of content, has since been closed with the Beyond Light extension with the possibility of returning in the form of remix later.

year Second: renouncing

renouncing (season of criminals)

The second year began in September 2018 with Destiny 2. __ Addition rejected, in which the Cade-6 immediately died, a cult character ascending the original. Fate. From there, the guard tracked the Barons of contempt (a new type of enemies) and Uldren Owl in an exciting story about revenge. An additional new content included Tangled Shore and Deaming City patrol zones, Gambit game mode, Combat Bow-type and additional processing of a weapon system. The expansion of the rejected also became a victim of Destiny content storage.

season of the forge

The lighting of the plot content, the season Forge Destiny 2 __ DLC presented a black arsenal, a large storage protected by ADA-1. Meanwhile, the leader of the whip of Kella (the branch of the fallen) tried to get inside, and the keeper had to prevent this. Season of the Forge, released in 2018, became the first seasonal content that Bungie structured between annual releases that continue to be produced every fall. Since then, the Black Arsenal has been closed as a storage with the expansion of Beyond Light with the possibility of returning in the form of remix later.

season of a wanderer

The Skitalet season started in May 2019, as a result of which Gambit was in the spotlight thanks to the updated regime called Gambit Prime, which relied more on team strategy and cooperation. The knowledge was slightly affected in this Destiny 2 __ DLC, which concerned nine and their status in the universe, with the addition of additional PVE activity called reckoning. Since then, the seasonal narrative has been closed in the Beyond Light addition.

season of abundance

The last seasonal content of Destiny 2 __ DLC of the second year was called Season of OpULence, which was aired in June 2019. This season, the central place this season was occupied by the Crown of Sorrow raid and the Menagerie game mode, which contributed to the repeated passage for receiving awards. Although Kalus, the Emperor Kabala, was a thor of the guard, the players worked together to get a bowl of abundance, an intra-game object that helped players unlock more prey. Another time limited in time called the Solstice of Heroes took place during the Abundance season, which encouraged players to collect the solstitutes of the second year. Many elements of Season of Opulence, such as the menagerie and seasonal narrative, have since been hidden in the arches of the Beyond Light additions.

year third: the abode of the shadows

Bullet of Shadows (season of immortality)

Fate 2 __ Expansion in the Year Three returned the players to the moon, the patrol zone beloved by fans from the original Destiny. Nightmares are born from the shadows of the moon, and Eris Morne appeals to the guards for help against a long-dormant power. Throughout the campaign, players are faced with shadow demons of old acquaintances of bosses, such as mole, Dominus Gole and Tanikas. This expansion, released in October 2019, also brought the Raid Salvation Garden, the dungeon Yama heresy and nine additional superpowers for three main classes of players.

Season of the Undying started with Shadowkeep immediately after the release. This season, a seasonal artifact appeared-a new mechanic that players receive at the beginning of each season. In addition, the seasonal artifact helps players unlock modifications of weapons and armor, and also gives a bonus to force.

season of dawn

The Dawn season, launched in December 2019, sent the guard back to Mercury to help Osiris resist the next consequences of the Red Legion. Along the way, the players met Seant-14, one of the most famous exo-trotans, which was transferred to the present after the guard used the Sunny Clock item. Bungie also expanded the structure of seasonal content, providing a free track of seasonal rewards for the ranks that players earn, gaining experience. The premium track with more constant awards was also implemented in this Destiny 2. __ DLC, which was available as a seasonal subscription for $ 9.99. Since then, Bungie has been taking this premium format for each season, which also provides access to weekly plot missions and additional content.

season worthy

Noting the 10th season of DLC expanding Destiny 2, the Veliiness season started in March 2020. Kabala continued to sow chaos throughout the galaxy, as a result of which the blockage commander, Anastasia Brey and Rasputin recruited the guard to prevent a death accident against the last city.. Bungie also returned Trials of Osiris, the competitive regime of the team game that checks the skills of every player in Endheim. This season, the legendary lost sectors on EMZ and Moon were presented, as well as the games of the guards, the annual class competition, in which titans, hunters and warlocks manifest themselves most worthy.

coming season

The mysterious pyramids arose from darkness in the Arrival season, which was released in June 2019. The most noteworthy in this Destiny 2. __ DLC was the new Prophecy dungeon, in which the forces of light and darkness were balanced. In this season, shadow engrams were also presented, which gave players more freedom in choosing the type of equipment, characteristics and advantages obtained in the loss of the award. The arrival season also became one of the first global events in Destiny 2, when the players gathered a tower and watched the traveler heal himself in the sky.

year fourth: outside the world

for the line of light (hunting season)

The third large Destiny 2 __ extension was launched in November 2020 from Beyond Light. The story campaign showed that the pyramids were talking with Eramis, fallen Kell of the House of Salvation. The balance of good and evil finally became gray when the guard accepted the darkness to stop the Emramis empire at all costs. With the adoption of darkness, a new subclass of stasis appeared, a dark force that freezes enemies (and leads to the fury of the players of the crucible). Other new additions include the European patrol area and the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Meanwhile, the guard worked with a raven during the hunting season, a mysterious figure that was disclosed when none other than Uldren Owls returned from the dead, the memory of his previous actions was erased.

This expansion served as one of the most difficult discharges for the game, during which tons of old content were placed in the storage and stored outside the game, the development of the developers caused ambiguous results from the players community.


season of the chosen ones

Unfortunately, the events of Beond Light did not fully eliminate piramid ships that continue to destabilize the system. As a result, Empress Kayatl, the leader of Kabal and the daughter of Kalus, asked the blockage to conclude an alliance. As in the case of negotiations, the guard/bondage, the meeting turned into a shootout. So, the guards created Helm, the avant-garde combat table, which provides an immediate response against those threatening the galaxy, in the style of assembly of the Avengers. The season of the chosen fate 2 __ DLC was aired in February 2021.

season of mutants

The SPLICER season released in May 2021 makes the guard work with Mitrax, a cult fallen Kell to interfere with the technology of vehicles that pose an unknown danger. Now this is a separate place over the tower on the map of destination, Helm has turned into something more than just the avant-garde military table. Season of the Splicer also repeatedly presented Vault of Glass, a classic raid from the original Destiny. Throughout the season, Osiris tests and the iron banner are available, as well as the return of the solstice of the heroes in July 2021. This Destiny 2 __ DLC ends on August 10, 2021.

season lost

year Fifth: Queen of Witches

season of the resurrected

Savatun, the queen of the witches and the sister of the obsessed King Orix, returned. This time the light sided with the hive, creating a translucent brood. It was released in February 2022, and the guards returned to Mars to take part in the new system of creating weapons before going to the throne world of Savatun in order to prevent it from abducting the wanderer.

As if this was not enough, another pyramid was in her throne world. This led the guards to the Student vow raid, as their hands were already busy with the source. VOID 3.0 was represented, in which Light Class was redesigned similarly to Stasis. In an effort to interfere with the plans of Savatun, the avant-garde worked with Kabala to penetrate the minds of the captured hive and find out their plans.

season of ghosts

Kalus returned in May 2022 with his Leviathan and tried to contact the pyramid on the moon. To stop him, the guard, a crow, the commander of the blockage and Empress Kayatl climbed aboard a giant ship and ran into their worst nightmares. Solar received the same update as VOID in the previous addition, and a new Duality dungeon was released. The solstice was redesigned to return this year.

The season of robbery

In August 2022, Eramis, Kell of Darkness, escaped from her prison. A guard working with Mitrax, Aido and a wanderer goes into space to fight in a pirate style with a spider. The last of the subclasses Light, ARC, was redesigned in version 3.0. The Kings Fall raid from the Destiny The Taken Kin addition was also returned to challenge the guards with new and exciting ways.

year sixth: Liberty

LightFall output is scheduled for February 28, 2023. In it, the guard will go to Neptune to fight a changed Kalus. Along the way, they will meet cloud struders, a new alien race. They will also learn to use the power of Strand, a new class of power, focused on pulling the threads of reality.

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