On -Mind, the second virtual man Hana -ri in Seoul Popcorn reveals

[Hyung-il Kim Park Ye-jin reporter] Neptune’s subsidiary Onmind (CEO Hyung-il Kim) unveiled its second virtual human (Virtual Human) ‘Hanari’ at the live talk concert at the Seoul Popcorn event, which will be held on the 25th. It was announced on the 24th.

Hana is a female virtual streamer produced by Onmind and is made of 3D graphics. The name is a combination of ‘Ari’ and ‘Korea’, which means the beautiful one of Korean folk song ‘Arirang’, and means that virtual and reality will be 1. In February of this year, the company has been producing for about seven months, starting with character planning and setting the worldview.

Hana will appear at the Live Talk Concert, which will be held on the main stage of the event from 3 pm on the first day of the Seoul Popcorn Event. Virtual Human, which is made of 3D modeling technology, rather than digital synthesis, is an example of a live talk concert that requires real-time interaction.

The whole body will be produced in 3D modeling and will be proceeded live on the Twitch main page.

The company later said that Hana Lee plans to start her activities as her virtual trimmer.

Meanwhile, Seoul Popcorn, which opens at COEX on the 25th, is a subculture exhibition that deals with pop culture contents such as broadcasting, movies, games, cartoons, animations, music, art, and meta buses.

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