[CEO Kwon Park Ye-jin reporter] Mgame will start a large-scale update of ‘Hot Blood Kang Ho Online’, which is steadily popular in China.

Mgame (CEO Kwon Lee-hyung) announced on the 24th that it will launch a large-scale update on the company’s martial arts multiple-speed roles (MMORPG), which is being serviced in China.

In the second half of last year, cumulative sales in the second half of the year rose 82% from the first half of the year, accounting for a record. In the second half of this year, the largest consumption event, the National Day and Gwanggun Festival, are scheduled, and the sales growth is expected to grow even more with the large-scale update effect.

If you look at the update, you will first expand your character’s top level from 160 to 170 to provide new challenges and stimuli to users who have achieved the best level. You can get additional stats by achieving a new level.

In addition, new equipment of 160 is added. You can see new material items that can create weapons and armor and create a level 160 item.

In addition, we updated nine new hunting ground maps and added the Phi Phi Island area to the new hunting ground. The new hunting ground adds a variety of monsters to provide opportunities for growth.

If you meet the correct answer of every hour until September 1, you will receive an item, and you will be able to get compensation by acquiring a piece of letter through monster hunting.

Kang Young-soon, head of the online business division at Mgame’s Hot Blood, said, We have launched a large-scale update, such as the expansion of the highest level and the addition of new equipment to provide Chinese local users with fun and enjoyment of the game. The average interact rate and sales increase are expected.


On the other hand, the hot blood Kangho Online is a global longevity game that has entered China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, the United States, and Vietnam since 2005, starting with Korea service in 2004. Starting with the 2019 siege update and the Gwanggun Festival event, he started reverse driving in China, serving as an Mgame’s cash cow.

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