Professional Gate, Presidential Pear Amateur e -Sports Competition Opening on the 20th

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will hold the 14th Presidential Cup Amateur e-Sports Competition at Changwon Sports Park Changwon Gymnasium from 20th to 21st. More than 200 representatives of 16 city members will participate in this tournament.

The presidential ship amateur e-sports competition is a national competition held every year to identify esports prospects and expand the base. In the past two years, it has been online with Corona 19, and this year, it will be held in three years.

The official stocks include League of Legends, Battleground Mobile, and Cartrider, and the demonstrations are two types of events. Athletes selected in the 16th regional finals will compete in each event.

The local government (one), which wins the overall championship, will be awarded the President’s Award, the official event (three) and the Minister of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and Technology (one).

Jeon Byung-kuk, the vice minister of the Ministry of Culture and Industry, said, E-sports has become a leisure culture that all citizens can enjoy and communicate together and are growing as a formal sport. We will continue to work for sports and development.

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