LOL: Last opportunity to buy Riot Points before a historical price increase

When we play League of Legends we don’t want to know anything about economics, inflation or other phenomena. However, not even converting the invoker crack into our house prevents us from being affected by market fluctuations. The current situation has led Riot Games to raise RPS prices. A increase that will affect players from all over the world and that will result in that The Riot Points will be 10% more expensive from August 19, 2022 . Down of very bad taste if we thought about getting some of the skins that will arrive from here at the end of the year.

The last chance to get Riot Points at a reasonable price

After the exhausted promotion in which Riot Games allowed us to get a few extra riot points for limited time, the next few days are the last opportunity to get currency of the game at the price to which we are accustomed. One last call if we are interested in cosmetics Valquirias de Steel announced for the next 12.16 patch. From the developer they have not offered additional information about the skins that will arrive from that moment on, although the leaks point to the return of spiritual flourish and it is very likely that Night of fear also arrives throughout of the year 2020.

In this sense, do not hesitate to use purchases in the customer or external stores to get a good RPS reservation. In case of getting a code, it is recommended that you make the exchange as quickly as possible.

As a reminder in the lowest amounts of Riot Points that we can buy the rise will be made at the price (from 10 to 10.99 and from 20 to 21.99). If we continue ascending in spending, the modification will take place in the amount of currencies obtained and will always be 10%. If with 35 euros before we could buy 5,000 units of currency, as of August 19 it will only reach us to get 4,500. Always with the reminder that you spend your money with head ahead, it is recommended that we now make the investment of the coming months and that we do not wait for the price increase.

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