Enti Games Barbary Not Raise, PVP Season Season Update

Anti Games (CEO Lee Jong-bum) announced on the 12th that it has updated the PVP season system on its neglected RPG ‘Barbary Announcement’.

‘Barbarian raising’ is an ultra-fast growth RPG (role-playing game) that anyone can easily play. You can acquire new weapons with an intuitive way to play, and each player can grow the character in the desired direction. It is a game where the characters with distinct personality are cute with the retro-style dot design, and it is a game where you can enjoy it just by looking at it.

The content that Enti Games updated this time is the PVP season. During the fixed season, users can compete in ‘battle mode’ and earn rewards according to their grades. In addition to the compensation paid according to the rankings, a trophy will be provided to prove the honor, and the user who acquires a lot of trophy will be in the Hall of Fame.


Meanwhile, in commemoration of the PVP season update, Enti Games will hold various events. A discount of related items was made so that players could use Totem in PVP Battle Mode. There will also be a community event where users can perform certain missions and receive a lot of rewards.

Lee Jong-beom, CEO of Enti Games, said, We are happy to be able to finally update the PVP season system that users have been waiting for. Please pay attention.

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