Application allows you to acquire credit products in Walmart

For months the chain of stores Walmart (in the region of Mexico), has been doing a kind of pilot test related to a new application that allows users to ask for credit. A maximum amount of $ 6,000 pesos is granted, something that has served more than one customer, this due to payment deadlines and the use of the app itself.


It is named after Cashi , and not only has an agreement with Walmart , but also the Supermarkets of Bodega Aurrera join the cause with the same accumulated money figure. It is worth mentioning that if the client passes from that amount, it will no longer be effective, as well as a credit card, the application will have the 6,000 available once they have been paid.

It is worth mentioning that as the use of the application develops, it will be the amount that will rise, this based on the analysis of no fraudulent attempts and also with the number of people who use it. For now, the pilot is still active regarding affiliation, so in the end it could disappear if it is not profitable for companies in agreement.

Even, CUI Arroyo , Vice President of Ecommerce Operations in Walmart , mentions being excited about this new business model, since sales can triple through all existing payment options. The company reported not much to have favorable sales, so if the application is on the rise, it is likely to also pass with the profits.

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