CCP Games, Eve Online Official Platform Korean Launched Korean Language

Icelandic game developer CCP Games announced on the 11th that it has launched a Korean version of the official platform of space MMO Game Eve Online.

Eve Online has released a Hangul version through Steam in 2019, but this is the first time that Eve Store, Academy, and News, which were provided only on the official platform, were the first.

For new players in Korea, Korean dubbing will also be added to the new AIR career experience program, allowing players to play the entire service in Korean through the official platform.

In particular, the Eve Academy is a program that contains abundant data to guide the players, and is expected to facilitate the access of Korean players and encourage the expansion of the Korean community.

In addition, CCP Games offers a variety of benefits for Korean players to commemorate the entire Korean language. In 2019, the remake version of the Korean Starter Pack, which was sold to commemorate the Korean language, was launched to the Eve Store.


Login campaigns are also held for Korean players. The login campaign, which runs from August 11 to September 8, provides a reward with a ship SKIN, a pilot costume, a firecracker, and a powerful skill, and meets the removal condition of the reward even if you log in once in Korea during that period. do.

Eve Online Creative Director Bergur Pinbogason said, The Korean community of Eve Online has always been passionate and powerful. Finally, I am happy to be able to provide Korean players with a complete localization experience through this official platform launch. I believe this Korean language will be the cornerstone for welcoming new players as well as existing players.

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