APEX LEGENDS Season 14 Opening is a strange legendary replacement bug. The developer is responding

Respown Entertainment has opened the new season Hanted on August 10. In the same season, Vantage will participate as a new legend. In addition to modified the king scanion map, legends and weapons have been adjusted. And apparently it has been added to a strange bug.

In the new season Hanted, Vantage will participate as a new legend. A sniper fighting with a bat echo. In the map, the king scanion has been modified, and a new area, Relic, is added. Relic is an area where the popular area of the past, Skull Town, revived after Salvage. In addition, the map has been modified throughout.

And it seems that an unprecedented strange bug has been added. Many users encounter the bug. I’m posting a clip.

In the above video, New Castle activates Ultimate Ability. He jumped up and expanded the castle wall… I thought, and for a moment, she transparent and created an alter ego. At any rate, it is Mirage’s Ultimate Ability (ULT). However, each decoi is in the form of a new castle.

In the post below, the new castle jumps up and develops the shield… but sprays the boost without any. No matter where you look, Valkyrie’s ULT. Apparently, there is a problem that the legendary abilities are randomly replaced. The applicable legend is not only New Castle, but also ash uses rowa tactics abilities, and coin sticks use Valkyrie ULT. It’s messy.

Overseas bulletin boards Reddit users are enjoying the bugs and enjoying them. Some people want to implement them as a limited-time mode (LTM) or April Fool’s Day event. On the other hand, it is pointed out that it is an element that breaks the game. As the user mentions, the dome shield may suddenly pop out of the Rayce.

In TRELLO’s Apex Tracker, which is published by the developer, this problem has already been created as an Investigating card. It seems that the response is progressing. According to the card name, the operation on the legend selection screen seems to be the cause of the bug. The legendary bug is interesting as a picture, but at the moment you may not be able to enjoy everyday game play. It is a place where urgent response is hoped.

APEX LEGENDS season 14 Hanted is being held today.

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