APEX LEGENDS season 14 presentations, new legend Vantage information summary. ULT is a dedicated sniper rifle that combines sniper and search enemy

Respown Entertainment has released a character trailer today on August 5, which introduces the new legend of Apex Legends . Before that, our magazine invited Electronic Arts to an online briefing for media. Based on the content announced, this paper will provide the latest information on the new legend, Vantage.

In the APEX LEGENDS season 14 Hanted, Vantage will participate as a new legend. Born and raised in the ice planet Pagos, she is a genuine survivor list for sniper rifles. She participates in the apex game to save her mother who was imprisoned to save her life. She is working with her young bat echo, which she helped in the past, and continues to fight.

Her recital revealed that she would be a legend in the reconnaissance class. She is going to be a reassuring character that she can read the beacon. Let’s introduce the abilities you care about.

Her passive ability is Spotter’s Lens. It is the ability to read enemy tactical information that activates with a state without weapons or looking into a high-magnification scope. It is said that you can get important information such as the legendary name, the distance to the opponent, the level of the shield, and the unit composition. It is possible to share information with friends by pins. In addition, it seems that the high-magnification scope also displays the guideline of the landing point (Indicator).

Tactical abilities are Echo Relocation. It is the ability to move the echo of a buddy bats and jump up to that position with a jet pack. It can be used for various purposes, such as securing and withdrawing from high places. However, it is necessary to skip the echo in advance, so the timing and location of the echo are important. Looking at the video, it seems that the vantage can jump up to the echo position and make additional jumps.

It seems that the position of the echo is designed so that it is easy to detect with sound and effects. Therefore, there is no worry about the vantage user to surprise without sound. By the way, it is impossible to shoot down the echo. The developer explained the reason as too cute.

Ultimate Ability (hereinafter, ULT) is a sniper mark (Sniper’s Mark). It is the ability to use a special sniper rifle. Specify the position of the enemy with the scope. When a bullet is hit on the enemy, it is said that the target is emphasized with the diamond-shaped mark for 10 seconds. The basic damage is 50. However, if you hit the enemy, the damage will increase, and the basic damage will be 100. In addition, the damage from teammates to enemies will increase. In addition, there were five bullets in the ULT sniper rifle, and it was said that cool down will start without using up.

The developers assumed that the legends that were tactically compatible with vantes were revealed. First of all, lamper. It goes without saying that the compatibility with amplification barricades (tactical abilities), which ensures safety at the time of sniper and increases damage. The legend that can be quickly pursued after the vantage destroys the enemy’s shield is also good. The developers were Horizon, Ash, Pass Finder, etc. as examples.

Finally, he also mentioned the setting relationship between vantes and other legends. It seems that Horizon, who was forming a team with a launch trailer, is also close in the game. It is said that Mad Maggie also sympathizes with vantage’s mother Zenia is being imprisoned. He also wanted to look forward to the reactions of other legends to bats’ echo.


APEX LEGENDS is revealed one after another, a new legend, a new legend. Season 14 Hanted is scheduled to open from August 10th Japan time.

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