APEX LEGENDS Is a new area appearing in a huge red skeleton in King Scanion? The latest video that suggests the ability of the new legend Vantage

Respown Entertainment has released a launch trailer for the new season Hanted on July 29. It depicts the success of Vantage, a new legend that was unveiled at the Outrans Stories the other day.

This trailer depicts the vantage after the Outrans Stories. Vantage participates in the apex game to rescue his mother Zenia, who has been imprisoned to save himself. He forms a fierce fight with King Scanion, forming a unit with Hughes and Horizon.

The trailer starts with a bird’s-eye view of the area where the red skull of the giant creature lies. The huge skeleton and surroundings are reminiscent of Skull Town, a popular area that once existed in King Scanion. Although the details have not been revealed, it seems good to think that there is some relationship. The former skull town and the Thunder Dome are areas where the rowa collapsed in Season 8. Although it appeared several times in LTM (limited time mode), it was replaced with an area called sarvage in normal mode.


In addition, the trailer suggested several vantage abilities. When she develops a device like a scouter and looks into the snaeperscope, she can see her search function. It seems that the distance to the enemy and the legendary name are displayed. In addition, the echo, which is a bats of children who once saved, is flying around. Is Echo’s success in the game?

In the trailer match, the vantage unit has won a great victory. He is also watching the prison Zenia, and she is smiling her black smile after confirming her daughter struggling to save her. Zenia said she was all about her daughter, but she seems to be on her belly. In the case of Zenia, there is also a scene where Vantage grabbed her knife at the time of her meeting. In the future, Zenia may make a leap in some form.

[Update 2022/7/29 0:17]
Fixed a description about Xenia

APEX LEGENDS is being revealed about new areas and legends for the new season. Season 14 Hanted is scheduled to open on August 10th Japan time.

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