All characters and simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a beautiful world that combines fantasy and science fiction to create a unique aesthetics. It also presents a variety of characters, simulacra, non-game characters and much more. Below you can find a list of all characters and simulars in Tower of Fantasy.

All characters tower fantasy


Frigg is an angel of mercy and the right hand of the sage. She obediently obeys orders without questions and usually silent and straightforward.

Birthday *: February 1
Voice of the actor *: Anthony Flynn


Nemesis was subjected to mutation before she received modifications from Aida heirs. Now the angel of mercy, it is usually quiet and closed, but can quickly become a ruthless murder car under the control of Seij.

* Birthday : Twenty-third of May

* Voice of the actor : Susie Jung


Shirley is Zika’s younger sister and is positive about the world. She likes to help others, including the player’s character, but sometimes she is a little reckless.

Birthday *: Twenty-third of May
Voice of the actor *: Susie Jung


Zik is the elder brother of Shirley and the leader of the Astra shelter. Usually he is calm and assembled, but extremely protects his younger sister, who makes this one of the few cases when he shows emotions.

Birthday *: November 12
Actor’s voice *: Johnny Young

All Simulakra in Tower of Fantasy


Cocoritter is distinguished by unconditional trust in almost everyone around him, to the great disappointment of others. Her innocence fills her with determination to save and heal those in need.

Birthday *: June 1
Voice of the actor *: Lexi Fontaine


Crowe is a cheerful guy who most appreciates his valuable collection of daggers. He likes to demonstrate tricks with daggers and tell stupid jokes to everyone around.

Birthday *: December 17
Voice of the actor *: Casey Mongillo


The clothes and the attitude of King are bright and daring, revealing his strong personality. Violence is the answer of this man greedy to the money of man, and he is not afraid to use force in order to get what he wants.

Birthday *: November 3
Actor’s voice *: Johnny Young


Meshil is a senior performer of Hykros and shines in dangerous missions thanks to his sword ownership skills. She distances from others, often making the impression in others that she is insensitive.

Birthday *: October 10
Voice of the actor *: Kira Buckland


Samir is a relaxed shooter standing out among the most elite executioners. She likes to play and tell jokes to others.

Birthday *: May 20
Voice of the actor *: Brittani Cox


Rede is as obsessed with science as the ocean. Her skill in technology and weapons can only compete with her love for the sea.

Birthday *: September 22
Voice of the actor *: Kristen McGuire


Tsubas owns gravity and wind to improve his incredible skills of archery. Her energetic character quickly makes friends, but she cannot find her place in the world.

Birthday *: 24 March
Voice of the actor *: Amber Li Connors


This young man destroyed all the notes about his name and the past, creating an atmosphere of mystery. Zero is a computer genius whose competitive and proud attitude makes him ignore everything that he considers meaningless or unimportant.

Birthday *: June 6
The actor’s voice *:?

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