How to get an achievement She comes with us at AS DUSK FALLS

In AS Dusk Falls, players will unveil the stories of the family of holls and waker in a criminal drama based on a choice. Each decision you have made will greatly affect the life of all characters, and also direct the narrative further. Over time, players will face several Crossroad solutions, where their choice will be of great importance in the context of the plot. Each decision you have made has a certain result in the game and ultimately opens various achievements. One of them includes the achievement She comes with us, and how to unlock it in AS DUSK FALLS.

How to unlock the achievement She comes with us in As Dusk Falls

To get it comes with us achievement, the players will have to choose version of the dialogue I will kill you During a conversation with Sharon at the end of chapter 3. This situation has a prerequisite that includes saying Sharon About the Page, donated Vincent from Sheriff Dante **. If you decide to tell Sharon about the pager, then the sheriff Dante will attack Vincent after the motel burns. Players will have to defeat Dante, correctly performing several QTE, and in the end they will meet Sharon, Tyler and Jay Holt.

Sharon decides to take Vincent’s daughter hostage, after which Vincent sends a gun to them. Soon after, Jay directs the pistol to Vincent, and here you can choose by throwing a gun or leaving it induced. Throw the weapon and talk with Sharon, and you will encounter a intersection solution with three dialogue options: I will kill you, I can help you and I beg you. Choose the option I will kill you to get the achievement She comes with us.

How to unlock the achievement of Take me instead in As Dusk Falls

This situation has the opposite Take me instead of achievement, where you should convince Sharon to take Vincent instead of his daughter. Players can unlock this achievement in the above-mentioned Crossroad decision, and this time you will need to choose I can help you Dialogue option. The conversation is delayed, and you must remind Sharon that Zoe is only six years old. Thus, the holls take Vincent hostage. If you decide to hide the pager from the holls, you will have to fight with Tyler and prevent Jay to shoot Vincent to come to this scenario.

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