How many chapters are in AS Dusk Falls?

In As Dusk Falls, players will receive a rich narrative game process based on a choice where each decision you have made will affect all characters. The game unfolds in Arizona of the 90s, the game revolves around Holt and the Walker family in an uncompromising criminal drama, which will surely force the players to reconsider their choice in retrospect. Each decision you have made is of great importance in the game, and it depends on how the narrative will unfold. History is divided into two books and revolves around the choice and decisions adopted by previous generations.

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There are six chapters in AS DUSK FALLS, and they are divided into two different books: collision as well as expansion . The narrative in the game follows two families and their lives, covering 30 years, and each of your solutions greatly affects the direction of history. Here are all chapters of As Dusk Falls:


Book 1 Place

Chapter 1 *-Desert Dream
Chapter 2 -Economics 101
Chapter 3 -Little seconds

Book 2 Addition

Chapter 4 *-Shima
Chapter 5 -Paradise found
Chapter 6 -Cascade

In As Dusk Falls, players will be able to replay a story to reveal unique results with various dialogue options. The story begins with an unsuccessful robbery, but quickly turns into an exciting story about the survival, tolerance and interweaving of fate. Players will often face the intersection option, where the decision you have made will determine the course of history. Although you will have a small window for making decisions, always twice check the dialogue parameters to see which answer is best suited in a specific context.

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