All features in As Dusk Falls

In AS Dusk Falls, players will have to make several elections throughout the game, and each choice will have a significant impact on the life of the characters. Players can replay a story to see various results for each choice, and this will reveal hidden information about their personalities. At the end of each chapter, personal ideas will be revealed, and here you can see the value, features and style of play. Each choice matters in As Dusk Falls, and it is better to have an idea of all the features before considering any dialogue options in the game.


Each feature in As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls has 12 features , and they can be given to players in Personal Insight after the end of each chapter. Here are the following features that players will find in their passages:

Brave *-represents the courage to make bold decisions even in the face of fear. The choice of dialogs reflecting courage in the context of any specific conversation gives players a chance to get this line.
Caution -Caution represents a prudent solution instead of a bold and rash choice. Dialogs that demonstrate a calculating approach often represent a line of caution.
Self-confident -confidently notes the choice when you remain positive when you are faced with adversity. Often players will find that their resistance in conversation reflects this line.
A certain *-Decisiveness is manifested in dialogs that demonstrate decisive behavior. Prioritization of a well-thought-out choice compared to other options shows certain characteristics.
furious -fierce is remarkably close to aggressive incredulous dialogues in specific conversations. Restrained behavior and gross answers correspond to this line.
Instinctive -Dialogs representing composure, quick wit, observation and thoughtful behavior reflect the instinctive line.
Good *-demonstration of empathy, listening and reaction using the corresponding answers, as well as natural assistance reflect a good line in dialogs.
True -The choice of dialogue options that reflect fidelity to friends, family, goals, ideas and beliefs is the determining factor in this line.
Playful -Dialogues reflecting overly happy, immature and witty behavior are associated with a feature of playfulness.
Principal *-Dialogs representing a moral perspective reflect a fundamental line. Players can often find these dialogue options in situations where their solution is moral.
Sincere -sincerity personifies honesty and unshakable determination in the decisions that reflect your opinion.
gullible -Dialogues personifying trust, attention, wisdom and cooperation, reflect the line of trusting. Players will face different strangers in the game, and your behavior in relation to them will often contribute to this line.

Various choice options reflect unique features, and each of them will depend on the version of the dialogue you have chosen. Players should be observant, meticulous, objective, sensitive and rational when choosing any of the dialogues in a conversation. The decisions that you will accept at As Dusk Falls will determine the course of history, and you will always have the opportunity to think about this choice retroactively.

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