Warrogics, the Strategic Simulation Purple War 2nd Test from July 25th

Game developer Warrogics Co., Ltd. (CEO Ji-Joon Ji) is a second play test of ‘Purple War’, a 3D real-time strategy simulation game for PC, which is being developed by the company from July 25 to August 7 Today, it is planning to proceed with the platform ‘STEAM’.

In the second play test, Warrotics will focus on the introduction of various contents and the improvement direction of the game with the users who participate in the play test to introduce various contents and the improvement direction of the game to revitalize the easy and speedy development of the game and the intuitive classic strategic elements. It is a policy.

First of all, three single player campaign scenarios will be introduced, and six legend units will be released in the scenario campaign characters and multiplayer characters.

The legend unit has a character’s character to the general unit, with strong stamina and attack power. In particular, it is easy to use by excluding experience and items, and uses the ‘one-time reversal’ skill that will avoid the crisis situation. During the multiplayer war, it is produced through a dedicated building. Therefore, it is positioned as a high-end unit that can be produced regardless of the tech tree and provides the user the strategic diversity and flexibility of the purple war.


In addition, as the result of the match play and the newly added coin system, it is expected to further stimulate users’ desire to win. The company plans to hold events to present a lot of products such as graphics cards, monitors, and purple cd keys through ranking and lottery.

In addition, the company has also improved its functions such as watching, leaf play, and multilingual support.

Kim Hong-seok, director of Warrowgs, who is in charge of the development of purple wars, said, The users who participate in the first test will express their gratitude for various proposals and opinions that will help improve game performance and quality. In this second test version, the completion has been greatly improved by reflecting this as much as possible, and at the same time, we worked hard to add interesting content. We hope to participate in this test that many players can freely experience and play. If you give good suggestions and opinions on official Discords, Steam Hub, Twitter, and Facebook, it will be a great help to increase the fun of the game.

Purple War, which is being developed by Warrogics, is a real-time strategic simulation game of the medieval fantasy background with human, elves, and oak. 3D graphics that maximizes intuitivity and visibility, popular game rule and balance, and easy operation. Based on the basis, the key point is that even beginners can be immersed in the fierce multiplayer battle.

In addition, it is also worth noting that Steam Game Creator Streamers, who are operating a game professional YouTube broadcast, are easy to approach the content. The company plans to actively promote e-sports leagues and competitions and revitalization of personal broadcasting after the official launch scheduled for 3Q.

Meanwhile, Warrogics released a new teaser video on YouTube page before the second play test scheduled for July 25. The teaser video, which was produced in a total of 30 seconds, draws a battle with the Orc Warrior who discovered it as soon as the surviving human knight raised a rough breath after a fierce traen between humans and the Orc races. I got it.

Including this new teaser video, the community of the game, where the second play test will be pre-announced from July 25th, can be found on the Purple Wars Steam page.

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