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In this guide to the classes in Diablo Immortal you can find out:

  • Which is the best class in Diablo Immortal
  • How the animal list is composed
  • Where the individual classes are classified in the animal list

The six classes fill out different roles in the game . For example, a monk is significantly better than support than a summary. However, the summoner is superior to the monk when distributing damage. We reveal who the individual classes in Diablo Immortal are suitable for.

How does our animal list come together?

For this animal list, we viewed lists of websites such as woWHead.com, Rockpapershotgun or Maxroll.GG and compared them both with each other and with our own experiences. As a result, we were able to make an assessment of the different classes.

Important : Our assessment of Barbar, Mönch and Co. in Diablo Immortal refers to the general usefulness of the classes-not to individual content such as the oldest portals or dungeons.

TIP : Don’t let an animal list dictate which class you want to play-choose the class whose gameplay appeals to you the most.

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S-Tier and Best Class: Dead summoner

The class with the many bones on the armor is very strong in Diablo Immortal. With tons of servants, the conveyor of the dead ensures distraction, which does not allow him to suffer as much damage. He also causes a lot of damage himself and his skeletons-he brings the perfect mix of strong resistance and great damage.

His skills allow different builds with which you can specialize in different situations. You can play it in both PVE and PvP. So it is well suited for beginners and professionals as well as solo players and team players .

Here you will find our build as a summoner.

S-Tier: Demon hunter

The distributed damage is important in Diablo Immortal- Whether a high single destination or huge AoE damage . Here the demon hunters are the absolute kings and queens. They are very welcome in groups, even if they do not bring additional buffs. The demon hunter is also strong-provided you have the right positioning on it, because the crossbow shooters are quite weak on the chest. But that’s secondary, because most monsters will hardly reach you because of your high damage.

The demon hunter is somewhat heavier to play than the summary of the dead. Due to its high mobility, it is still suitable for beginners-but professionals ** will also have fun with him.

Here you will find our build as a demon hunter.

A-Tier: Barbar

The barbar feels in a lot of opponents and destroys them in no time at all. So being strong is aoe damage, however, this is so small damage to a single goal . This is his only drawback because he is very mobile and can tolerate a few blows due to its various skills. You don’t go wrong with the barbarians in both the PVE and PvP.

The barbar is very suitable for beginners , since correct positioning is secondary for him. But professionals also swear by the bloodthirsty melee. If you wear the biggest weapons in the game and want to strike properly, the barbar is your class.

A-Tier: Crusader

You want a huge sign with which you can protect yourself and your allies? Then the crusader is the class of your choice. It causes good AoE damage , but-like the barbar-has problems against individual strong goals. For this he has many skills that not only help him, but also his group members. If you play a crusader, you are always welcome in groups.

The crusader can shine with its abilities in dungeons and portals as well as in PvP matches. His style of play is quite easy to learn-this ensures that he is well suited for beginners **.


B-Tier: Mönch

The monk is the dream class for all martial arts fans. With him you get a character that is made for the game in the group. He has many support skills for healing and opponent control **. AoE damage and mobility are fine with the monk-however, it lacks the individual target damage. This makes him progress a little more slowly in the solo game than other classes.

He is always welcome in PVE groups and he can also convince in the PvP. In both cases, this is due to the control skills mentioned. Since it is mobile and does not fall over so quickly, but can also shine through its support skills in the endgame, The monk is suitable for beginners and professionals .

B-Tier: Wizard

The magic-acting class destroys its opponents with devastating magic. These usually cause damage to several opponents, which makes the magician’s AoE damage in Diablo Immortal enormously strong-even stronger than that of the demon hunter. However, his single target damage is rather mediocre. At the same time, the wizard is very susceptible to damage and the subscriber times of his skills are quite long, you have to pay attention to your position in combat.

The magician is difficult to play, so something for professionals who have already gained experience with Diablo Immortal. However, if the wizard dominates her well, it causes huge damage with him, with which you quickly empty dungeons and portals.

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