Listing of celebrities in the fight


Shelly .


The capacity to inflict remote damage as well as reject the possibility for the enemy group to fill its specials on it can be exceptionally beneficial. Brock has really large damage with its rocket dam and also can easily eliminate the whole adversary team if it is organized.

Legendary level.

Solid worldwide stats, yet the clothing (regenerates 1800 life factors when the HP is much less than 40%) is what makes this fighter extremely tough to eliminate. Currently integrate this with the knowledge as well as the stagnation in its special abilities. You will certainly comprehend why she is just one of Brawl Stars’s ideal fights. The dressing is particularly useful in Showdown setting due to its enhanced survival capacity. Tip: Keep In Mind that Band-Aid has a 20-second charging time. So play safe for some time after its activation (absolutely nothing even worse than expecting that the power of the star triggers just to understand that it is always in recharge time). Its incredibly can bring upon a significant quantity of short-distance damage and can be used to deal with versus brawkers as well as brawkers.

good level.


8 little bits .

fair level.

Spike’s unique undertakes significant area damage, and also it can treat inside the area (with unlocked fertilizer). He is a extremely good yet extremely exact elite shooter, which is why it is important to keep your distance from opponent brawkers.

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Gene is an exceptional way to eliminate versus mushy brawkers (like Orley) due to the fact that he can attract them as well as damage them closely-her colleagues will certainly be happy to assist you in this task. Take care when you use his special, since if you unintentionally fire in a blazing array (hunting rifle or combined), he will probably kill you. The magic hand can likewise be used to stop specific unique capabilities which last several secs.

Fabulous level.

Welcome to our listing of Brawl Stars levels! This is the basic classification of each braking as well as does not problem any type of specific game setting. We also think that the two star powers were opened which this was considered when developing this hierarchical checklist.

The sandstorm can be utilized to hide and treat allies with a low level of wellness or over time cause damage to adversary brackers (preventing them from recovery) while making your group undetectable as well as providing them a superb opportunity to assail all reduced health opponents. Sandy is definitely at the top of the list of degrees for any kind of 3V3 game setting, but he can additionally handle in Solo Showdown.

Impressive degree.

With a little a lot more damage (580- > 600) as well as a minimum billing time between two throws, Carl stays a good choice in several video game settings. Its celebrity power lowers all the damage experienced by 40%, which allows him to ruin many of the fighters.

BO .

Carl .

Bibi .


Rosa is a very good hand-to-hand bracket, yet its particularity is a little as well slow-moving (that’s why it is not at the center of our checklist). When you play Rosa, use (as much as feasible) hedges and Plant power to promptly recover your shed health.

Good in lots of game modes. Substantial and long-range DPS combined with really good card control/ area rejection with its mines. BO needs to fight from another location as well as remain at a range from brawlers, storage tank with significant damage.

Legendary level.



Rosa .

His capacity to push is a good method to respond to the storage tanks and his quick activity rate allows him to promptly decrease the range and also conquer his darker adversaries. She is excellent at Brawl Sphere (her rate makes it a superb sphere provider, while her ability to push is very useful in defense, incorporate this with a good quantity of wellness and you get the finest brawler for this video game mode).

8-bit has a massive dps which can still be boosted (for him and the allies) with his extremely. 8-bit is a flexible brawler that can dominate in the best team because it offers an offensive ability and can also boost the allies.


Barley has solid DPS and also zone rejection attacks, which is flawlessly matched to cards with several walls. The 2nd star power substantially raises its DPS. On the various other hand, all his shots need to be targeted and he is one of one of the most soft competitors of the game.

Darryl .

Nita .

Darryl is a good option for Treasure Grab game modes (as treasure service provider) and also Heist as well as would certainly be at the top of the degree of levels for these 2 settings.

Dynamike .

Welcome to our listing of Brawl Stars levels! The sandstorm can be utilized to conceal and also deal with allies with a reduced degree of wellness or over time reason damage to enemy brackers (stopping them from healing) while making your team invisible and supplying them an exceptional chance to assail all low health opponents. Sandy is certainly at the top of the checklist of levels for any 3V3 video game setting, however he can likewise take care of in Solo Showdown.

fair degree.


Piper is a long-range and low-healthian elite shooter that stands out on open cards. His attacks will certainly cause the most damage at maximum reach, which is why good positioning and also manual orientation are very crucial for playing Piper. Its incredibly need to be conserved as well as made use of in defense to relocate away from adversary or battle area assaults, due to the fact that it is extremely vulnerable as well as can not hold up against most various other competitors (its damage additionally goes down close). Piper would most likely be really high up on the checklist of thirds Bounty as well as Break-in.


Jessie as well as its turret can supply a zone rejection capacity to the remainder of the group. It might work to place the turret inside the shrubs, due to the fact that it will be unnoticeable for opponents up until it is triggered.

Dynamike can throw dynamite on obstacles, making it an extremely good selection for cards with a whole lot of walls, yet it should be secured by various other staff member, due to the fact that it can not manage brawls qualified to join him swiftly (like Bull with his extremely). Dynamike also has huge bursting potential with his Big Barrel O ‘Boom, especially when he is updated with the demolition celebrity.

Mortis .



Rico has significant dps and also long-range attacks that enable him to maintain adversary storage tanks at a distance, which is a substantial advantage on open cards. His shots will bounce back on the wall surfaces, which enables him to do with without distrust enemies, in particular on cards comprising numerous walls.

Jessie .

Bull is a low-end as well as premium fighter that can quickly go to challengers or leave them with its Super. Bull is a solid choice for Break-in due to the fact that it can quickly cross the enemy group (or walls) as well as reach the risk-free, while its solid survival capability (high health and wellness treatment + power of the hard-cooking) as well as damage At short distance will enable him to remain active enough time to place serious pressure on the enemy team. Both Bull star powers will just turn on after 40% wellness, which will make it hard (as well as risky) the effective use this fighter which is the only reason it is not classified above In our checklist of brawl stars celebrities.

Tara .

Tara is simply not so good in most video game settings, which is why it is so badly classified in our checklist of levels.



Frank has a slow however really powerful and short-range assault and he is usually at the grace of the tool and also long-range fighters. It can be a legitimate selection with the ideal group.

Poco is one of one of the most flexible brawlers in Brawl Stars. Its flexibility features its Super, which can treat allies and also damage adversaries, at the same time. The special strike will certainly go across walls to amaze and complete an opponent of inadequate wellness that hides behind a wall.

I hope you appreciated our general checklist of Brawl Stars levels and also that you have found the details you are trying to find. Do not wait to post a comment due to the fact that we greatly value all the comments of our viewers.

Crow lacks DPS versus hostile and also aggressive brackers, and also that is the only reason that it is not categorized greater in our checklist. Its special is extremely useful for jumping or getting away tough situations over the wall surfaces to finish opponents with reduced priorities.

Even if it is identified at the end of our basic category list, Tick can still very well be done on the cards with a great deal of walls with his lubricating assaults.

Colt has a long-range DPS strike that can entirely quit enemy tanks as well as maintain the range. All this makes him an outstanding option on open cards (really well categorized in the break-in degree listing) yet not ideal on other cards.


All this makes him a superb choice on open cards (very well identified in the heist level checklist) yet not ideal on various other cards.

El Primo is a harshly countered by Shelly, which is utilized by many gamers, in addition to by various other brackers, which is why he appears in the last ranking of our checklist of Brawl Stars levels.


Its very can be used to run away as well as to obtain closer swiftly. The decrease in Steel Hoops damage significantly improves its survival ability. Darryl can quickly remove all low health and wellness minions utilizing Barrel Roll to search adversaries on the run or approach long-distance boxers. Darryl is a good selection for GEM Order game settings (as gem provider) and Heist as well as would be at the top of the degree of degrees for these 2 modes.

Rico .



The bear can be used to remove even more squishy battlers concealing behind the walls or as a storage tank to absorb the damage. Well, Nita will likewise care each time the bear inflicts damage, yet a lot of gamers are content to kite as well as the bear hardly ever approaches enough to utilize its claw attacks.

El Primo .

Good level.

PAM is among the lengthiest long-term boxers that can additionally treat allies with his care turret. It is excellent, however it is among one of the most challenging brawlves to make use of ideally which is why it inhabits a good setting in our list of brawl stars stars.

Tick is very thick, however he has a long-range lobed assault that matches cards with a great deal of walls. For it to be really reliable, the other team members must support it and also remove all the brawlers that are too close.

Dime would certainly rank extremely high in the checklist of bearings including only cards with a great deal of walls. Its barrel has a very lengthy array and also can be really challenging to handle if it is put behind the wall surface and secured by brawkers.

With Curled Snake, his striking capacity can go very far, which enables him to rapidly murder a distinct, reduced health and wellness. Furthermore, Dashboard can be utilized defensively to leave a fragile circumstance.



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