This time, its canned beer, Diablo beer Devils Blood released

This summer, when the heat of hellfire heats up, the newly introduced Diablo beer brings a chill to the whole country.

To commemorate the cruising of Diablo 2: Resurrection, which has been consistently well-received by Blizzard Entertainment, with more fans, Blizzard Entertainment will introduce Devil’s Blood Canned Beer, a new Diablo beer with a more popular flavor, through large convenience stores nationwide.

Last fall, they introduced a limited edition craft beer set ‘Horadrim’s Box’ with a unique and interesting taste inspired by the five demons in Diablo 2, followed by ‘Devils Blood’ to provide another taste of hell in Diablo. ‘ stands for beer that anyone can enjoy casually. ‘Devil’s Blood’, created as a collaboration project with Magpie Brewing Company and Platinum Craft Beer, is a red ale beer that uses rye as a special malt to create a bitter taste. Aiming at the consumption preference of fans who enjoy gaming and beer at the same time, it is manufactured into a beer with a refreshing, bitter and attractive taste with an alcohol content of 6%.


The can design with the dark wanderings of Diablo 2 on the front stimulates the unique sensibility of Diablo with a dark and intense atmosphere.

‘Devil’s Blood’ will be distributed nationwide through major convenience stores in Korea starting this week.

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