The Division coming out on mobile, whats the actual gameplay?

The Division: Resurgence brings Tom Clancy’s The Division to mobile. A new video showing the gameplay has been released.

Ubisoft posted a three-minute play video of The Division Resurgence on its official website and video channel on the 14th. This video shows the gameplay captured on a mobile device with commentary by James Berry, a community developer in Ubisoft Paris, and delivers a close-up of the alpha version of the game.

The video, which begins with the appearance of New York drawn for mobile devices, is a third-person shooting action, cover using surrounding structures, and guidelines drawn on maps and real areas like navigation, etc. of The Division series released on PC and console. characteristics were drawn. In addition, the root shooter concept is implemented by looting equipment, enhancing the weapon selected by the player, and modifying the weapon through attachments.

The Division: Resurrection is an F2P RPG shooter that draws an independent campaign based on The Division 1 and The Division 2, and was first released on the 7th. The player performs various missions as a member of the Ministry of Strategy and Land, and can experience the same action as in the original with the UI changed for mobile. In addition, the development team said that in addition to the PvE released through the official SNS channel, Dark Zone and other PvP modes will also be released.


Ubisoft is recruiting testers for the game’s mobile platform through its official website. In addition, the gameplay revealed today is based on the alpha test and may change after the official release.

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