A new method to bypass blocking from Russia for PC

The Noob-Club portal dedicated to Blizzard games has published a detailed guide on how to continue playing the action-RPG Diablo Immortal on the PC client in Russia.

As a reminder, after the recent patch, our PC players had a serious problem: access was denied. The VPN didn’t help either. But a solution was found quickly.

First you need to download the game if you haven’t already.

How to download and install Diablo Immortal in Russia

  • With VPN enabled, login to your fake Battle.net account and launch Diablo Immortal. This only needs to be done once on the first run. Next, you can immediately close the game, turn off the application (return to your main account) and disable the VPN.

  • Go to the Diablo Immortal\Engine\Binaries\Win64\ folder and find the DiabloImmortal.exe file in it, and then create a shortcut to it (yes, a shortcut shortcut).

* Open the properties of this shortcut and in the Object line, after the full address and the closing quote, put a space (pay special attention to this!), Then add the parameters -launcherlogin–dx11–sound-api=wwise–start=Python-uid anbs (without the quotes), click OK, saving the changes.
* Then open the folder with the game and inside it-the following directory: Diablo Immortal\LocalData\Patch\fc. Here you need to delete 4 files:
* fc729b18562e23a74054ea092df25a89-Weighs 1 KB
* fcaafe3075fe94a224d44c625f5d4d43-9 KB
* fc59a15729db9c29cc728a0b3f5c515b-9 KB
* fcc9677d-7ff9-486d-8147-92702f13cae8.6-Weighs 93 KB
* Ready. Now you can launch the game through a previously created shortcut bypassing the Battle.net App, although each time you log in you will have to enter data from your account, which saves your progress.

But you need to understand that such a solution will work exactly until the next patch of the game.

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