Diablo III is preparing for Season 27 – it will be available on the PTR on July 12

Blizzard released a fresh devblog for its action-RPG Diablo III, in which it announced that update 2.7.4 will be installed on the test server on July 12, which means the start of season 27.


Testing will last 16 days, everyone can take part in it. The developers are asking testers to try to break something for the sake of more thorough polishing of the content. Of the key additions, it is worth highlighting a new consumable — Angelic Crucibles. They can be applied to any legendary item to give it the holy status, which will allow you to get perfect ancient-level stats for all affixes while maintaining the item’s legendary power.

Angelic Crucibles can also be used to upgrade class abilities. According to the developers, they want to give players some heavenly power. You can read the details here.

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