PUBG: Battlefields: With Update 18.2, Deston shows up in July

In the following you will find a thorough summary of Deston and also all brand-new functions that concern the players with update 18.2. Further details is available in the complete patch notes below. Those who desire to try the new web content can do so on the PC test web server today.

Krafton, Inc will certainly publish the new PUBG for computer on July 13th as well as on July 21st for gaming consoles: Battlegrounds upgrade. Players Deston, the nine card for PUBG: Battlefields, can get in. In addition to the brand-new card, players can discover a range of brand-new features with upgrade 18.2, consisting of promotion help, emergency situation, fuel pumps, air watercrafts as well as more.

New card: Deston

Waiting for the most current 8 × 8 card from PUBG: Battlegrounds ultimately finishes: The ruined globe of Deston plays in the close to future and also is now available to the players to check out. Deston supplies the players the possibility to go across various biomes: a swamped town hall with one of the highest possible skyscrapers, which have ever before been seen in PUBG: Battlegrounds, an over cast overload, clear coastline, undiscovered islands and gorgeous hills. Deston will certainly be available as highlighted map as well as will certainly be playable in the settings Solo, Duos and also Team TPP and also FPP.
| New vehicle: Airboat – to water and also when driving? The brand-new Airboat lorry satisfies the amphibian requirements of the players without having to switch over in between the vehicles. The Airboat is extremely rapid on the water, drives in the nation with an optimum of 76 km/h and also can transport up to five players. The brand-new vehicle is just offered in Deston.| Factors of Interests – A new card demands new Sights (POI) that the players can discover! Deston introduces a number of POIs, consisting of:| ripton – a partially sunken city whereby the players need to learn superficial water in order to cross them as well as use high skyscrapers to obtain seamlessly from the air to the ground| swamp – a shallow, irrigated area where you can gauge yourself versus opposing players.| performance **- An outdoor concert area on which the players can show a couple of dance steps prior to they set off to combat for the poultry supper. Additionally, the players can discover as well as experience numerous other POIs themselves.

new weapon: o12 – Deston additionally introduces a new tool that players can utilize specifically in Deston. The O12 is a shotgun with caliber 12, which has a greater accuracy and variety compared to various other shotguns, which makes it a lot more efficient in fights at tool to short range.

Deston usage items

New feature.

In the following you will find an in-depth overview of Deston and also all new functions that come to the players with update 18.2. The brand-new Airboat car meets the amphibian requirements of the players without having to switch between the automobiles. These objects will certainly set off unique communications in the video game as well as must offer the players a new core video gaming experience without disrupting the immersion of the players. Security key as well as doors – The safety and security team from Deston seems to have had a very rush to leave Deston as well as left the safety key on the card that the players can locate.

In order to diversify the gameplay, Deston introduces new, unique day-to-day objects. Along with the ascent rope for improved upright movement, all players generate with the parachute as the conventional object. The incorporated use climb ropes and also parachutes allows the new cellphone masters to promptly cover large ranges in Deston. These objects will set off special interactions in the game and also should supply the players a new core gaming experience without interrupting the immersion of the players. When going into Deston as well as can be used as commonly as preferred, each card-specific utility thing is placed in the stock of the gamer. The items have no influence on the weight of the stock as well as occupy their own inventory spaces.
| Fuel pumps – Deston will certainly introduce operating gasoline pumps where players can refuel their lorries while they are on the action. Here, nonetheless, a small warning: the fuel pumps can cause a damaging surge if they are fired.
Safety and security secret and doors **- The security team from Deston seems to have had a very rush to leave Deston and left the safety and security key on the card that the players can discover. The players can open up special protection doors and thus get the opportunity to get high-animal loot if these are located. The security keys are piled in the stock and are used after they have actually been made use of on safety doors.

In addition to the new card, players can uncover a range of brand-new attributes with update 18.2, consisting of promo help, emergency instance, fuel pumps, air watercrafts and even more.

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