The largest resource with Gaids Maxroll decided to delete all information about Diablo Immortal

The popular site, which publishes many guides and useful tips for players in the series of Diablo, Lost Ark (and in the near future-POE), announced that the author’s collegium decided to stop working on materials on mobile Action-RPG Diablo Immortal. Thus, the portal team expresses its protest against the aggressive and predatory monetization of the game from Blizzard.

According to the authors of Maxroll, ordinary DI players are practically deprived of the opportunity to improve the progression of heroes if real money is not invested in the game. In addition, monetization of the product is formed in such a way that people prone to Ludomania have a continuous desire to invest more money in the game.


All the guides that were written for a year and a half will be deleted on the site. According to the portal team, in the process of testing, monetization worked on a different principle.

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