Globe departure confirmed for the Fight Royale My Hero Academia

Introduced in Japan, the Fight Royale My Hero Ultra Rumble will be offered all over the globe on a day still unclear, announces Bandai Namco.

Based upon a free-to-play version, my hero ultra rumble opposes 8 teams of three allies, superhero versus super-villains, in large combat zones that will have to take this wonderful shock of modifies, term which designates the special capacities of the personalities in this prominent series. To bring a little range to the concept, gamers will also be able to add to the success of their group by conserving (or intimidating) of private citizens shed on the area in order to obtain effective objects as well as topple the training course of the fight.

The beta test concerned will certainly happen on PS4 on August 17 and 18, and the enrollments are made here.


The globe of My Hero and its vivid spreading of heroes, bad people and changes make up the ideal setting for a fun-to-to-play Royal fight experience, which continues to be faithful to the styles and also toughness of the series. We are eagerly anticipating sharing our vision of the game as a team with our initial closed beta test as well as we can’t wait to deal with the area to make My Hero Ultra Rumble an exciting experience _, claimed manufacturer Aoba Miyazaki.

My Hero Ultra Rumble-Annon of the globe exit

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