The Rabbits Cretins: Party of Legends is offered on all gaming consoles

On the sidelines of the big fall production that is Mario + the Rabbids Sparks of Hope, the Cretin rabbit franchise also revives its beginnings of festive and household play.
At first launched in China and created by Ubisoft Chengdu, The Rabbids Cretin: Party of Legends is currently on sale on all gaming consoles (and also Stadia) at a rate of 40 euros.
Occurring in a setup inspired by old China and the tale of the monkey king, this brand-new celebration game has a collection of 50 usable mini-games up to 4 regional, whether in 2 against 2 or in each for itself.
Please note, no online feature is on the program for this title which for that reason essentially targets a family audience.

The Switch is clearly the initial platform referred to by this title, as shown by the possibility of making use of the controls for movement detection.

The Rabbles Cretins: Event of Legends-Bande-Annon de launch

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