A new raid boss was added to Diablo Immortal

Blizzard, which was developed by the Chinese Netease gameplay, appeared to the mobile Action-RPG Diablo Immortal, a new boss appeared. The heroes of the sanctuary have to challenge a new powerful enemy-the demoness Vitaath the SHIVERING DeATH (Vitaat trembling death). This is a raid enemy, for a call to be fraught with 2000 points of combat rating.

For comparison, the previous raid boss, Lassal The Flame-Spun, demanded only 420 CR for the first level of complexity, 1200 for the second and 1640 for the third level fight. For Vitaat, the battle of the second level is limited to 2450 CR, and the third requires colossal 3465 CR for participation.

At the moment, even the most hardcore players who invested in Diablo Immortal a lot of money and time can cause the boss only at the second level of complexity. And most ordinary players have not yet gained even 2000 CR.

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