What is the result of the streamers fierce battle, Cheon Ae Myung -do M -launch?

On June 23 (Wednesday), from 7:00 pm, the first official event contest was held in commemoration of the launch of the mobile MMORPG ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’, which was sent from the Enchant (formerly team wontory station) and a personal streamer channel for 3 hours from 7 pm on June 23 (Wed).. The competition was held in the 5VS5 year-long mode, which consists of the 4th round tournament 1VS1 non-gum mode, the 4th and 3rd and 3rd rounds of the 3rd and 4th place, and the 5th round and 3rd win. Participated.

Starting with the broadcast guidance, it was completed after the 1VS1 paddy field and 5vs5 year-old. The first match was 1VS1 Nonummode, where the team leader of each team played for a single event, and the 5VS5 year-old match was pointed out when winning.

1vs1 Nonumum Mode (Tournament)

The winner of the first game played as an open door using the martial arts using fists and feet of the team’s ‘Captain Jack’ ‘Captain Jack’ ‘ ** ‘. I played with a well-caught Taebaek Munpa. In the early days, both streamers continued to fight together, and in the second half, Captain Jack succeeded in reversing by linking various combos.

The winner of the two matches is ‘Dun’ / Honorary Medal of the Team of the user team is a new topic attack with a close defensive door, a bow and a long-range attack. Dunn played with the same open door as the runner of the previous game. In this game, the player won the victory by showing his focus on the arts of the honorary medal as the Geumgang skill of the opening.

The last three winners were ‘Captain Jack’ ‘** / Pro-gamer’s concentration. At the end of the fierce battle, the player seemed to win after finishing, but he won a thrilling reversal with the captain jack’s counterattack technology.

5vs5 Nonumum Mode (5th Edition 3rd System) Semifinal

The semi-final began with the 1VS1 Nonum Mode winner Captain Jack pointing to his opponent. The team pointed out is the 89 snake crud. The semi-finals were automatically performed by the composition of the enjoyment of the user team and the RPG deceased team. In the first round, the Jeon Pro Gamer team and the 89 Snake Crew announced the beginning.

■ Semifinal 1 round

The first round victory team was Jeon Pro Gamer Team / Definitely the Jeon Pro Gamer team was different. Before the aggressive play, careful control also contributed. In addition, the noticeable thing was that all five played with the 1VS1 paddles setting and focused on the attack. It was an impressive game that succeeded in the early tug-of-war and played with the skill.

■ Semi-final 2 round

The second round win team has changed after the game ** / 89 Snake Crew Team. In the previous match, team members who could not use the skills in the right place began to use more concentrated. Of course, the first start started with five points as in the previous game, but dragged the game for a long time, and at the end, Cranks distributed aggro and led the game to victory.

■ Semifinal 3rd round

The third round victory team finished the first semifinal match with the 89 Snake Crew Team / reversal. Although the individual’s ability is an exceptional Jeon Pro-gamer team, it was not enough for the 89 Snake Crew, who played with the team’s sum and brain. Runner, head of the 89 Snake Cru team, succeeded in unifying his team members.

■ Semifinal 1 round

It is no exaggeration to say that the first round winning team has won the RPG deceased team / the first game has been defeated by one stroking explosion. It was a dramatic victory of the RPG deceased team that overturned the game, which was eight points.

■ Semi-final 2 round

The second round victory team advanced to the finals with the RPG deceased team’s team. In the game, Sam Sik was in close-up, and he won only two points.

5vs5 Nonumum mode (5th Edition 3rd win) 3rd and 4th place

■ 3rd and 4th rounds 1 round

The first round winning team is the most interesting game that covers the Jeon Pro Gamer Team / too. The Jeon Pro Gamer team won the victory due to the slight difference of only one point, and the game was outstanding in the game.

■ 3rd and 4th rounds in the second round of

The second round win team changed the play form immediately after realizing that the group’s skills were more than personal skills. As a result of changing the play, the flow of the game came to the former Pro-Gamer team and won easily.

5vs5 Nonumum Mode (5th Edition 3rd Festival) Final

■ The first round of the final

The first round victory team won the RPG Team / The RPG Team won the victory in the band. It was a game where the team’s honor medal and the enemy of Seon were outstanding. It can be seen as a game that has been well managed and led to long-term war. In particular, the Medal of Honor has played the role of digging into the opponent’s camp and falling out.

■ Round 2

The second round win team won the RPG Team / The RPG Team Team, which showed only the performance of the perfect game, won the second game. Knowing and playing their roles and locations are increasingly more and more noticeable. The understanding of the game was one step ahead of others.

■ Round 3

The third round win team finished the game with a perfect role in the RPG deceased team / Tanker, the head of the team. Although it was brought to the perfect game, all rounds were fierce, and they often won a difference, so the play was played without losing concentration until the end.

Cheonae Myeongwoldo M-Memorial Streamer Match, Cheon-Ae Cheil Best Association, won the RPG deceased team with honorary medal. It was fun to see from the viewer’s point of view because all the games were often lost and defeated by small score differences.

Cheonae Myung-wol also seen by the streamers m

Meanwhile, the streamer’s full version can be seen on the official YouTube site of Cheon Ae Myeongwol. Cheon Ae Myung-do’s official game is released on June 24th and is expected by many users.

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