PUBG will certainly welcome DESTON, its largest and dense card

Deston brings new features with it to take advantage of the verticality of this card. When arrived at the top of the highest buildings never ever set up in the video game, players will certainly have the leisure to throw themselves into the gap without concern many thanks to the energy parachute, a new things positioned by default in the inventory and which is will activate automatically.Comme all the cards, Deston supplies two brand-new exclusive weapons that players will certainly be able to attempt throughout the suits.


And it is on July 13 that Deston will certainly make his debut in the Fight Royale in the kind of a partially flooded advanced megalopolis. Dave Curd (Creative Director of PUBG Studios) and Michael Gilardi (Director of PUBG Madison) offered this new card at size in a broadcast that can be reviewed below.

Always existing in the big battle of online games, PUBG: Battlegrounds will be enhanced with a brand-new card in the coming days. With its 8×8 land, Deston is also revealed as the largest as well as densest battleground of the entire video game.

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