Reported that the first PS title of the European version of PS Plus will work at 50Hz -SIE will also be able to support 60Hz.

The lifting of the lifting of the ban on Europe on June 22, local time was finally renewed worldwide PlayStation Plus . It has been reported that some of the first PlayStation works that can be played within the service are working at a maximum of 50 Hz instead of 60Hz in the European version.

This phenomenon is due to different TV broadcast standards for each country. The general broadcast standard PAL in Europe has a lower reflation rate in Europe, which has a lower reflation to the United States and Japan than the common NTSC method in the United States and Japan. It will be play.

According to an overseas media VGC survey, 7 of the 13 titles currently provided are a 50Hz of 50Hz, mainly SIE (SCE) works, such as Sarugecu and Minna no Golf. It is said that the NTSC version is not found in the NTSC version, such as booting with the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe logo or supporting multilinguals.


It seems that the PAL output improvement patch that pulls up to 60Hz is applied in Jumping Flash! In addition, many of other companies such as Tekken 2, Mr. Driitor and Ave A Go Go are NTSC versions, so they are compatible with 60Hz refresh rate.

SIE, on the other hand, will provide options that can be switched to the NTSC method in each region. The detailed time is unknown.

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