LOL: The power of Furious Gaming remains in the Honor League

The date number 17 of the Honor League has great duels with a thirst for revenge of the skull before the Crusaders that could make us have a draw again in the first place but the stars would have to make it possible, with the changes and the take it From new champions in Metaguegos, the action of the games becomes very interesting for all Chilean league teams.


The first confrontation would be Santiago Wanderers against Maze Gaming where the bulls would take a lot of aggressiveness in their composition to give priority to its central lane but thanks to Antimagic that with an Zion would end up being an unbajable wall for the rivals, the power De Maze took the initiative to consolidate a triumph that no longer benefited him as he would like.

During the second game, Newstars faces Gaming goal with the surprise that the goal power was in the hands of Emets that takes a kalist with which he tear the rivals at the right time, a different face that Mg shows for Punish the stars managing to drop them during the game several times and after 27 minutes it ended in favor of the goal.

The third confrontation puts Rebirth eSports against Wolf eSports Club with a surprising Ilelia in the hands of Felopo that used their blades to punish the rivals spectacularly, the wolves had things under control from the beginning of the game leaving To his rivals with the gray screen at various times, however, this meeting was more for honor.

For the fourth game we see Dark Horse against Movistar Optix with a Kreshdoo using Ezreal in the lower part of the map with very precise shots against the rivals with whom he would get some casualties to take gold in his bag, a Duel that seemed very even but Mox’s team would win a team fight that would end up being the key to taking the victory.

The fifth encounter was eSport against Furious Gaming where EMP would show a Kassadin with which it would cause a great impact during the game arriving with its final in the different lanes, the skull took the advantage from the beginning of the match and in A rematch the derak was for them making the power of the crusaders fall to maintain the tip of the table.

The action of this day in the Chilean League concludes leaving the team of La Calavera on the top tip, on the other hand, the difference of points makes it clear who are the four team that would be in the playoffs and with only one more date of action Things are defined for the next phase.

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