Diablo immortal: skill stones & spell explains

In this guide to the skill stones and magic in Diablo Immortal you can find out:

  • What skill stones and magic are
  • How to improve your character with it
  • What you have to do with the auction house

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What do magic and skill stones bring me in Diablo Immortal?

Magic to reinforce your character by granting you ** bonuses to different skills as soon as you equip them. However, you have to choose a spell, because you only have an equipment slot for this type of object. In addition, spells are the basis for producing skill stones that can be used to change the spells-more on that later.

You either get the magic via head money or buy them from the Hilthälts. The found or newly acquired spells are always in 1st place and grant a bonus on a random ability. You can upgrade the magic to 5th place -you get another bonus on another ability. A rank 5 magic grants bonuses on five different skills.

The selection of skills is completely accidental -your magic can also receive bonuses for the skills of other classes. For example, if you play a summoner and upgrades a spell, a bonus for a ability of the barbarian or the demon hunter will appear in the worst case-which of course does not bring you anything as a summary.

But don’t worry, under the Extraise and accumulate the point, we’ll tell you how you can replace inappropriate bonuses **.

This works the recycling & upgrading magic

Once you have found a suitable spell, you can upgrade in afterwards. To start it up, you have to drop by the magic manufacturer-this is located on the Rakkisplatz in Westmark, right next to the identifier. With him you disassemble spells and get per dismantled spell ten times the craft material alchemical powder . With the powder you upgrade your spells-that costs 20 x alchemical powder. So you have to sacrifice two spells to get an appreciation.


Extract and enrich: use skill stones correctly

You can exchange individual skills on the magic with the help of skill stones. You make the chic stones by **. This costs you 500 platinum at the magic manufacturer and destroys the magic, but at the same time also transfers the existing bonuses to a skill stone.

You can use the skill stone to exchange a bonus on a spell for another bonus of the skill st1. In Diablo Immortal this means enrichment-you can carry out this action from the magic manufacturer. There you choose the bonus you want to replace and then decide on the skill stone with the desired ability. Enriching a magic destroys the skill stone.

The problem: The system randomly selects the bonus you get from the skill st1. For example, if you can only use a skill of skill stone, your chance to get it is one to five. So you need a good dose of luck so that you can get the right bonus. However, the system shows you in the preview of which bonus has been selected and you can decide whether you want to keep the old bonus or accept the new one.

You can also buy and sell the skill stones on the market (the Ingame auction house from Diablo Immortal) . This simplifies the search for the perfect spell-or bring you a solid sum platinum if you resold unused skill stones.

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