Throughout the last months, the Chilean artist known as Salvamakoto has given himself the task of doing the definitive crossover between Dragon Ball and Knights of Zodiac. In this way, His collection has reached the last stop with a look at Android 18 with the Pisces armor.

Through his Instagram account Salvamakoto has shared illustrations of all kinds, as long as they are related to Dragon Ball . However, it has been his work where several characters created by Akira Toriyama become one of the Zodiac knights of the 12 houses, which has captivated fans.

As they could see, Android 18 goes wonderfully with this armor . In the collection we also find Trunks with the golden armor of Aries, Piccolo with the golden armor of Taurus, Goku with the golden armor of pound, and more. Without a doubt, a very well achieved job.

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Vía: Salvamakoto

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